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    Summers are short here...

    About Caylee's Memorial toys for poor kids


    now this is the most giving and sensible thing they have done yet...

    I think Caylee's memory will be to give to needy children during the holidays...
    She probably would like to know that lots of kids will be happy in her name...
    FROM CAYLEE.....
    I disagree with people who do not like the Anthony's giving the toys to needy families..

    They need love and happiness...
    good job CINDY & GEORGE....
    I do like this move....
    the kids who have nothing for Christmas during these bad times will have at least a toy or two thanks to the generous
    memorial toys...

    this is a good thing

    This would be good every year as well....

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    Estimated Date of Death: No longer than 5 years prior to discovery he left a note to "LIB"
    PLEASE HELP me find out who this unidentified person is so he can be buried rightfully near his family...


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    Why not leave them as the givers intended, as a memorial for Caylee, at least for a respectable length of time. That's what was done with flowers left for Princess Diana and all kinds of tributes left in a park for the Columbine victims. This is a memorial left by individuals to pay homage TO CAYLEE, not the Anthony's private stash. If it's not on Ant property, is it really their business? The memorials should be left alone, at least for now.

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    Is the area that Caylee was found the only way in and out of the housing tract? If that is the case, my guess is that the A's have to drive by that area almost everyday, and they don't want to see a memorial there also - either way, the memorial should stand as is, not having the stuff taken away just because the A's say so - it rubs me the wrong way as in they are in denial still about Casey

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    I just hope the weather in FL has been nice and that the toys donated are unsoiled from having been outdoors. While I think every child should have the joy of a gift at christmas I would hope that it is in good condition.

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    Toys are ment to be played with not boxed away in an attic or rotting in the outside. My heart breaks for G & CA Christmas is going to be awful quiet this year, and that is hard.

    I think they did the right thing, you can not keep everything.

    The conflicting views here just show you, they are danged if they do or danged if they don't.

    I kept my son's toys in the attic for over a year after he died, then looking at it, those toys are a link to him, I gave them to my children to play with. It is hard, I want to keep them all, but rotting away in our attic isn't honoring my son's memory it is letting my grief win. I am not sure my kids will want those toys when they are grown anyway, I feel that when they are their own adults, they need to make their own memories, not my old memories.
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    It seems to me, the will of the people who brought the items should rule, not the will of the Anthonys. If people wanted the toys to go to charity, they would have arranged for that to be done. Instead, for some reason that was important to them, they brought the items to the memorial site for Caylee, not for other children in this particular case. THEIR wishes should control, not the Anthonys'.

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    To give them to charity is the best idea. Why let them go to waste outdoors?

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    If this was any other family besides the Anthony's most posters would say what a wonderful thing for them to do!
    But it's the Anthony's... so the bashing continues.
    It's sad.

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    From what I understand from the interview I saw this morning, a compromise of sorts was reached and they are leaving all items from the memorial behind that have included a message for Caylee, and donating only the other items without a note to needy children at Christmas.
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    7. Have cheesy, happy Italian words tattooed on your body to properly accessorize "grief"
    8. Go directly to jail

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    I can see how a lot of people would be offended by the A's wanting the memorials gone, but they aren't just throwing them in a dumpster (this time) or allowing them to rot to nothing in the outdoors. Think of the kids that don't have toys that drive past those memorials every day wondering why they have nothing and a little girl that cn't play with them has hundreds.
    I think this is a healing step for everyone.
    JMO. Unless there's a link, I can't prove it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trac View Post
    Is the area that Caylee was found the only way in and out of the housing tract? If that is the case, my guess is that the A's have to drive by that area almost everyday, and they don't want to see a memorial there also - either way, the memorial should stand as is, not having the stuff taken away just because the A's say so - it rubs me the wrong way as in they are in denial still about Casey
    (Bolded by me)
    That is not the only way into the neighborhood. Although it "sounds" like a nice gesture in their part...their motives seem disingenous to me. They see the gifts, IMO, as them against the "protesters." They associated these gifts and memorial with the people that are not part of Team KC so they don't want to be reminded. They can't do what LA did in the past b/c they would get blasted for that (although I belive they would love to throw all those gifts in the garbage)...their attorney advised about what public opinion would be on that so they chose the easy way out that the media would love and they are using Caylee again for self gain. "We are donating these stuffed animals to kids in need because it is what Caylee would have wanted!" Give me a break! I have four daughters since I've had 4, 3 year olds! 3 yr olds do not think about stuff like that! They are still rather selfish and have to be taught over and over again to share. This is just another huge publicity stunt!

    Sorry. Please realize these are my impressions, emotions and thoughts since hearing about the desecration of a memorial that has been created by people that fell in love with Caylee and not the Anthony's. I am not insulting the Anthony's just distraught with their odd behavior that seems to be far removed from normal and usual grieving behavior.

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    The Anthonys are now receiving praise for "giving" toys that were never theirs to begin with. They didn't spend their hard earned dollars to show the generosity in their hearts for those less fortunate. This is all spin, something that the A's are so good at. They are taking advantage of those who wanted to honor Caylee in their own way, and using the situation for their own gain. Saddest part, this ploy is gaining sympathy for them from some that don't see the irony and deceit. Yes, they have lost a grandaughter that they loved, and deserve sympathy for that, but that doesn't excuse them from using other people's donations and claiming credit for "giving".

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    I think it is a wonderful idea, to make a bunch of unfortunate children happy in Caley's name at Christmas time. George and Cindy were not trying to remove the entire memorial, which also includes cards and letters and flowers. In fact, because some were upset about them wanting to make this donation, a compromise was struck that only the toys without a message or tag to Caylee were removed.

    I think they wanted to do something positive at this time in Caylee's memory. Unfortunately, no matter what they do or do not do, they won't please everyone.

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    i'm torn on the subject. while i agree there are many families that need toys this xmas, i think it is too soon and really when it comes down to it, they are not their toys to donate.

    they should have just stayed out of it. hell it would have been better for them to take a toy down there and place it among the rest.

    just chillin' with my own kind!

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    I'm glad needy children will benefit from the generosity of Caylee's mourners as well. This was a good and fair move.

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