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    NY - Christopher Umpierre, 24, & John Drago, 22, murdered, Bronx, Dec 2008


    "Sharell Butler was arraigned late Saturday and charged with murder in the deaths of 24-year-old Christopher Umpierre on Dec. 19 and 22-year-old Hopkins-Drago on Dec. 21.
    Hopkins-Drago, adopted from a Russian orphanage by a Mount Pleasant family, was found dead by a building superintendent. His dismembered body was stuffed in a garbage bag."

    This is an odd story.. a 15 year old girl charged with 2 murders, one of which the man was dismembered and stuffed in a garbage bag. They think others were involved as well.

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    don't do drugs kids.

    sadly you hear som many stories of these kids adopted from Russia who have severe emtional difficulties. sounds like this kid was one of them and when the parents couldnt deal with him shipped him off to the uncle. Obvioulsy he fell in with the wrong crowd.
    ~~Childhood Cancer is a Crime~~

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    "Sharell Butler, 15, seemed so slight that those who knew her wondered how she could have done what she stands accused of doing: killing two men in the span of 48 hours."

    Ms. Butler’s Poplar Street neighbors did not seem to know much about her. They were not sure how long her family had lived on their street: One said three years; another said since last summer. On Sunday, what all those interviewed could remember was the butterscotch dog she used to walk around the block and the fact that she always said hello.
    “There wasn’t anything we saw as unusual about her,” said Evangeline Domenech, 44.
    The authorities, however, painted a different picture. They said Ms. Butler’s nickname was Lady Red — perhaps a reference, they said, to an association with the Bloods street gang, whose members are identified by that color. She had two previous arrests for assault, the police said, but it was unclear when they happened."

    This murderess was only 15 years old! Society is headed to a sorry state.

    Here's a article with a picture of the killer:


    I really hope kids say no to gangs and drugs. They are so desensitized; a 15 year old girl, dismembered and killed a man then killed another. These killers we read about are so young, Lord have mercy, it blows my mind.. They're spoon fed Grand Theft Auto; live a double life almost, due to the gang involvement. It's so sad..

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    What a sad story all around, three great looking kids who could have grown up to be wonderful people who all made bad choices in life. I feel terrible for the families of all three.
    Happy New Years

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    There's often a disadvantage in a story going viral it can be tough to find out what happened AFTER. A single aspect of these murders was reported over and over again and then nothing. I searched every which way and couldn't find anything about trials or pleas or sentencing for any of these perps, other than state DOC records.

    Sharell Butler was sentenced to 4 to 10 years for first degree manslaughter, already released on parole.

    Robert Pastore is serving 21 to 25 years, eligible for parole in 2030.

    Carlos Colon is serving 25 to life, eligible for parole in 2033.


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