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    Jesse G: What about him?

    My apologies if this report has already been discussed. It appeared in the Huffington Post dated Dec 22/08. I’m intrigued by what it says..........

    Jesse Grund: Caylee Anthony’s Killer?

    The Caylee Anthony murdrer trial has received renewed attention since the discovery of the victims' remains earlier this month. Caylee's mother Casey has long been a top suspect for the murder, and has been indicted on that charge. Another possible culprit, however, is Casey's ex-fiance Jesse Grund. Whether Grund will be investigated himself or simply used in Casey's defense to create reasonable doubt in the mind of the jury has yet to be seen.

    (emphasis by me)

    That Jesse will be investigated is not so surprising as I believe everyone involved with Casey in under the scope (and I do happen to think he's much more involved that we know about but whatever....), however that Jesse would be a Defense Witness boggles my mind. It that where the “She’s not the Casey I once knew” is coming from?

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    There is plenty of conversation about Jesse G. around the forum.
    he is not a suspect at this time and we are not going to make him one. If evidence comes out to support the notion that he may be involved and he is charged with a crime, then this will change.
    We are victim friendly and at this point, JG appears to be a victim.

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