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    FL - Michelle Gill, 27, pregnant, murdered in her Palm Bay home, 15 June 2002

    Florida's Supreme Court said Nowell deserved a new trial because a prospective juror was improperly dismissed.

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    BB, that's scarey. I looked this guy up and Michelle Gill's boyfriend actually survived that carnage. He was shot in the face. He used sign language to spell out Nowell's name as the man that shot him and Michelle.


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    More info here http://www.floridatoday.com/article/...028/1086/rss07

    This is so so so so wrong. Its not like there is new evidence or the police bungled it
    Its just because a juror was improperly dismissed

    The Florida Supreme Court this morning ruled 4-1 that Nowell deserved a new trial because a prospective Hispanic juror was improperly dismissed and because the prosecutor made a forbidden appeal to jurors’ emotions

    Today, the court overturned Nowell's 2005 conviction, vacated his death sentence and ordered a new trial for two reasons.

    * Keeping Nelson Ortega off the jury violated the state's inability to strike prospective jurors on the basis of race alone.

    * The trial court should have backed up a defense objection to the prosecutor's closing arguments.

    "We conclude that the State's race-neutral reasons were clearly pretextual and not genuine and the trial court therefore committed reversible error in allowing the State to exercise a peremptory challenge against Mr. Ortega," the court wrote in an unsigned opinion.

    In closing arguments at the sentencing phase of Nowell's trial, the prosecutor told jurors they should show the defendant the same mercy he'd shown his victims. The court said that isn't allowed.

    "We held that this line of argument is blatantly impermissible (in previous court rulings) which condemned these type of arguments because they are an unnecessary appeal to the sympathies of the jurors," the court wrote.
    Can you imagine how many people are going to start appealing their convictions because of stuff like this ?

    He did it. He was identified as doing it.

    But fine waste tax payers money give him a new trial and put him through the whole thing again and oh get the same outcome

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    From June 2015:


    Willie Nowell, 39, was sentenced Friday to 47 years in prison.

    He was previously sentenced to death for the execution-style slaying of Michelle Gill in 2002. The shooting victim’s unborn child also died in the murder...

    The 47-year sentence includes the 13 years he’s already served, minus gain time.
    According to Florida DOC, Nowell's partner in crime Jermaine Bellamy received multiple life sentences in 2006:


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