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    UT - Mom arrested after naked rampage

    Drugs are bad.

    A Provo woman was arrested after going on a naked rampage in freezing temperatures while throwing a neighbors belongings off a balcony, breaking a birdcage (the bird was found safe), and banging on people's windows.

    Big shocker the woman didn't go quitely with cops. She resisted arrest and bit an officer. Not good, lady. Sadly this woman has a little six year old boy who was found in her apartment. The child was taken by the State and a tox screen showed mom was wacked on methamphetamine.


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    How sad

    Why do these people do Meth ?

    It destroys you on the inside and the outside

    This poor child will now grow up with out a mother in a less than perfect system going from home to home
    Unless she cleans up her act quick smart
    Which when they are hooked on that ***** they dont..do they... they just keep on sniffing it snorting it injecting it - anyway to get that high
    Why cant they see what they are like ?

    AND NO I do NOT believe that its like a disease.

    Its about being WEAK.

    And you CAN over come it if you really want to. (with help and some people can on their own)

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