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    NY - Annette Vazquez, 33, Watertown, 9 December 2008

    Annette Y. Vazquez

    Watertown police are asking for help from the public in locating a woman last seen in the City Monday.

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    7 Feb 09

    "We have placed one individual under arrest, on a warrant signed out of Jefferson County Court, for murder in the second degree," Watertown Police Chief Joe Goss said.

    It's taken two months, but Watertown Police say they finally have their man. And it's the one they have been looking at since day one.

    Watertown Police traveled to San Juan, Puerto Rico this week to serve a warrant to Ramon Robles. He's the ex-boyfriend of 33-year-old Annette Vazquez. She was last seen in Watertown in December.


    Police made this charge without an actual body. Vazquez's remains have yet to be found...

    much more at link


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    I am not shocked... LE suspected him all along. I hope they find her body soon


    A U.S. Marshal says Watertown police may have picked up important clues in Puerto Rico as to what happened to Annette Vazquez. The 33 year old Watertown woman has been missing since December 8.
    Earlier this month, her ex-boyfriend was arrested in Puerto Rico on a fugitive of justice charge.
    While in custody, 29 year old Ramone Robles may have provided Watertown police with important information about killing Vazquez and where they could find her remains.
    U.S. Marshal Rafael Escobar, based in Puerto Rico, told 7 News that investigators from New York state met with Robles for at least eight hours.

    more at link

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    Body of Annette Vazquez believed to be found in Antwerp

    Watertown Police and state troopers are gathering evidence and trying to identify a female body found earlier Monday on Vrooman Hill Road in Antwerp. They're hopeful that it's Annette Vasquez, a Watertown woman who's been missing since December 8th.

    "This has been an area of interest for us in locating Annette Vazquez's body for some time now," said Watertown Police Detective Frank Derrigo.
    Police cannot confirm the identity of the body, but relatives have been notified that it could be Annette Vasquez.

    "We're not aware of any in or around Jefferson County missing persons, missing females and suspected of being in this area," said Derrigo.

    Vazquez was last seen leaving the McDonalds on State Street in Watertown where she worked. Later, police found her car abandoned in a city parking lot.

    In February, they arrested Vazquez's ex-boyfriend, Ramon Robles in Puerto Rico. He is charged with second degree murder.

    Robles remains behind bars in Puerto Rico. Police hope to bring him back to Watertown for a trial.


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    Police ID remains as missing Watertown woman

    The Jefferson County Medical Examiner has positively identified the body found off Vrooman Hill Road in the Town of Antwerp Monday afternoon as that of a missing Watertown woman.

    Dr. Samuel Livingstone used dental records to confirm the body was that of 33-year-old Annette Vazquez. The cause of death is pending results of an autopsy, according to Watertown police.


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    Annette Vazquez died of asphyxiation due to strangulation, according to an autopsy report. Her death has been ruled a homicide...

    ...Vazquez's former boyfriend, Ramon Robles, continues being held on a murder charge in Puerto Rico, where he went after allegedly killing her in the city of Watertown. Extradition proceedings are pending...
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    "Ramon Robles, who pleaded guilty to murdering his ex-girlfriend, was sentenced in Jefferson County court Monday morning.

    Robles admitted to strangling 33 year old Annette Vazquez of Watertown and putting her body in a suitcase in December 2008.

    Her body was found the following March.

    Robles pleaded guilty to one count of second degree murder and was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison.

    "I believe that Ramon will spend the better part of the rest of his life in jail and that does serve justice. Unfortunately, it doesn't bring Annette back," said Jefferson County's chief assistant district attorney Kristyna Mills.

    Vazquez disappeared on December 8, 2008; she was last seen at the takeout window of the restaurant where she worked.

    She never picked up her two daughters from school that day.

    "He has been extremely remorseful from the day I met him and he's beyond words with his remorse and regret," said Robles' attorney Laurel McCarthy.

    Robles, who told the court he is very sorry, was also ordered to pay $6,000 in restitution for Vazquez's funeral expenses."
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    Thanks for following through. May Annette rest in peace now. May the SOB rot.
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