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    AZ - Gail Parker, 51, Tucson, 6 March 1993

    CNN Video

    By Philip Rosenbaum

    Gail Parker was 51 when someone killed her for her purse and jewelry and left her body in the desert.

    Her good deeds were followed by a harsh end. Parker, who would have turned 67 Sunday, was killed -- most probably for her purse and jewelry -- and her body was left in the Arizona desert.

    The body was found the morning of March 6, 1993, on the arid outskirts of Tucson, Arizona. Parker, 51, died from a blow to the back of the head and hypothermia, presumably after the desert's daytime heat quickly turned into a nighttime chill.

    More than 15 years later, no weapon has been found and no suspects have been arrested. Today, Parker's slaying remains a cold case.

    Maybe we can help!
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    This is my neck of the woods. If anyone needs info I can try and dig stuff up. I vaguely remember this happening; I was about 13 or 14 when it happened.
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    I would be more than happy to help do research and aid in this case

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    Is there any update in this case? I hadn't even heard of it before I found this thread today.

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    Listed as a cold case by Tucson PD:


    On the evening of March 5 and early morning of March 6, 1993, Gail Parker was seen near the intersections of Ajo and Country Club, Ajo and Park and Harrison and Golf Links. Ms. Parker was described as wearing a blue bathrobe.

    On the morning of March 6, Ms. Parker was found deceased in a desert area east of Houghton and Broadway.

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    That is a an extremely large area where she was seen. Park/Ajo and Country Club/Ajo are probably about two miles apart on the central part of the Southside. They are rough parts of town. But Harrison and Golf Links is on the far Eastside of Tucson. It's more suburban/rural with a lot of open desert. Maybe 10-15 miles or even more from the other locations. She probably traveled east on Ajo, then turned onto Golf Links/Alvernon and went southeast around Davis-Monthan AFB, but how and why? What on earth was she doing in a bathrobe traveling across the city like that during the night and early morning? How was she getting around?

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