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    Exclamation IL - Fatal shooting armed robbery suspect Interstate 55 after high-speed chase

    I'm from Bloomington/Normal, Illinois & this has to be one of the most incredible & scary series of photos & story I've seen. The Pantagraph photographer was stopped waiting for the car chase when the guy stopped, hopped out with a gun & started running toward the photographer's car. I don't know how he could get the photos he did before he floored it & got away from the suspect. I didn't see it listed here yet so delete if needed. The suspect ended up dieing last night.

    Link to main site & front page of The Pantagraph:


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    Holy cow! Did you see him looking the camera man right in the eye? That's like having death stare at you in the face and then look away long enough for you to skidaddle.

    OT: I would never in a million years thought that old man could have cleared that highway divider like that. Geesh.
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    I know! I don't know how he stayed as long as he did. Amazing pictures. I've been around guns my entire life & I would have been gonesville as soon as I saw the handgun. Scary story all the way around. I really feel sorry for the officers who fired. They had to, it's their job to protect, but still no one wants to take another person's life. Rational people that is.

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    The man was 57 years old and robbing places, some kind of end game strategy, Good Lord..

    "WMBD/WYZZ— Bloomington— Autopsy results say a man who led police on a high-speed chase died from gunshot wounds to the head and lower extremities just after 10 p.m. Monday. Now, a Bloomington officer is on administrative leave after his role during a deadly police chase. Bloomington police say it’s standard procedure to protect the well-being of the officer, but cannot say if the officer shot 57-year-old Robert Sylvester."

    I feel bad for the officer who fired as well, it's very hard on them. There's always that question of what if? You have a split second to make a life or death decision; then again any rational person would not have a gun drawn at cops, it's suicide by cop scenario. I hope LE has good counseling for the officer to get through it.

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