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    WA - Jamie Grissim, 16, Vancouver, 7 Dec 1971

    Moved from LTWH board to here for discussion, originally posted by: Be Adequite!

    Missing/cold case- WA state- Jamie Grisim
    Jamie Grisim- Vancouver, WA
    A case from my hometown- several leads over the years but nothing has ever panned out. She is a foster child from a good home and has a supportive sister, who continues to look for her. I've walked the 2 mile path she allegedly vanished from, many times growing up.
    More detail here as well-

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    I found this


    DNA tests rule out skull as that of missing woman

    By Bob Heye
    and KATU.com Web Staff
    CLARK COUNTY - It was an agonizingly long wait for a woman whose sister had been missing for more than three decades. Now DNA test results indicate she has to wait even longer for closure.

    In 1980, a father and his son discovered a skull in remote hills in Clark County. Last June, investigators released a composite sketch made from the skull.

    That sparked a glimmer of hope for Starr Lara, whose teenage sister went missing in 1971. Lara believed the sketch looked like Jamie Grisim, and she held onto the hope that she could finally bury her sister's remains.

    "If someone's murdered, you need to have their body to lay it to rest," Lara said. "And to know what really happened."

    Fueling Lara's belief was the fact that the skull had been discovered close to the area where some of Grisim's belongings had been found. Lara waited for DNA results for more than half a year, then on February 10 investigators told her the skull was not her sister's.

    "Of course I'm sad because you don't have answers," Lara said. "But I would have been sad if it had been her."

    Now Lara clings to the hope that the DNA on file will help quickly identify Grisim's remains if they are found. And she is willing to go through the whole process all over again.

    "That's the only way you can get an answer as to where she is," she said.

    Meanwhile, the Clark County Sheriff's Office is still hoping to identify the skull. They have been contacted by another family that believes the remains are a person that vanished before 1980. Sheriff's officials are still waiting for more DNA test results.


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    Wink WA-Jamie Grisim, Vancouver MISSING SINCE 1971

    Hello Everyone,
    I'm still looking for answers for my murdered sister Jamie Grisim who disappeared December 7, 1971 from Vancouver, Washington. Her alleged killer Warren Forrest is due to come up for parole in just two years, and he will get out in no uncertain terms in 2014 without more charges or evidence against him.

    He is thought to have killed 6 to 8 women with my sister being the first. She was not a hitch hiker, but I finally learned the connection between her and Warren. They both attended Ft. Vancouver High School in Vancouver, Washington. He had graduated 3 years earlier. I believe he was at the school that day, as he had been very popular in high school, and back then, older guys hung out in the smoking areas. It wasn't considered a bad thing back then. The sailors would come into town sometimes and hang out too. I think that is how my sister Jamie met Warren, as she would never take a ride from a stranger.

    He was handsome, very charming, blonde haired and blue eyed. She was normally brown haired with brown eyes. Opposites attract. She always would tell me how much she liked blonde haired blue guys. I was the opposite because I had blonde hair and blue eyes, I liked dark haired dark eyes guys.

    My sister's death certificate was issued just this week on March 23, 2009 after over 38 years since her disappearance. I've appeared on KGW TV in Portland, Oregon just last Wednesday, as her certificate was issued the day Stephanie Condor's remains were found after 10 years. Strange and eerie, and the local news thought so too. I also will appear on KOIN6 TV in Portland, Oregon this Monday, tomorrow, March 30, 2009.

    I've been contacted by her alleged killer's best friend's daughter. She has given me information that she and Warren's daughter were best of friends growing up, and the two wives hung out together too. She can remember back in the 70s when Warren was arrested. She believes her father may know something. I think so too.

    If anyone besides, Warren, the convicted killer, knows anything about these other women's cases, or teenagers cases, it will be his best friend.
    His friend is dying of cancer and soon. I'm praying that he can finally give me some answers.

    They often refer to these girls as women, but they weren't women, most of them. My sister was only 16 years old. Another girl was 14. My sister was the first victim on an eight page crime synopsis. I believe Warren killed her, and I won't rest till I know the truth.

    I visited with a famous psychic Laura McQuary of Lake Oswego, Oregon. She was instrumental in the Linda Sovak case, the beautiful model in Los Angeles that a photographer brutally murdered. She's appeared on Larry King, and Melissa Ethridge is hostess for Laura's new television show. She didn't charge me as it is an active homicide investigation, and she believes Warren killed my sister, and that her remains are at Sunset Falls campground in Northeastern Clark County, Washington. She believes since my sister was the first victim that Warren buried her more deeply than the rest. After that, he wasn't getting caught, so why bother. Her belongings were found in remote Northeastern Clark County in close proximately to two dead girls bodies just five months after she disappeared. You tell me, what were her belongings doing so far out in the wilderness??

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    Wink Jamie Grisim missing murdered sister of Starr Lara

    Thank you for caring enough to post about my sister. I will be on KOIN 6 tv in Portland, Oregon Monday evening, March 30, 2009. I hope all of you can watch and maybe someone will remember something.

    I also appeared last Wednesday on KGW tv channel 2 in Portland, Oregon next to the Stephanie Condor remains story. If anyone wants the link to the video, please email me, as it's hard to find on their website.

    I've not given up in convicting my sister's killer. He will be convicted. Her body will be found. Her death certificate was issued earlier this week on March 23, 2009, nearly 38 years after her disappearance. She is gone, but never forgotten, not as long as I live and breath.

    Jamie's little sister, Starr.

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    So sorry for your loss. Welcome to WS. You have come to the right place if you are looking for answers. Good luck to you.

    Bless your heart.
    Bless the beasts and the children
    For in this world they have no voice,
    They have no choice.

    I’ve gone to look for myself. If I should return before I get back, keep me here.

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    Thank you su much. I am glad I'm at the right place to find answers to Jamie Grisim's disappearance.

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    I am so sorry for your loss Starr. I pray you find the answers you are looking for. {{Big hugs}} for you.

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    Is this the suspect in Ms. Grisims disappearance?

    Link: http://www.seattlepi.com/local/109337_serial20.shtml
    Warren Forrest
    Clark County parks employee,
    Suspected of kidnapping, raping and strangling six women near Vancouver. Convicted of killing one and abducting, raping and attempting to kill two others, after serving seven years in a state mental hospital.
    Status: In prison in Washington.
    A photo of him here Link: http://www.seattlepi.com/dayart/pdf/...ialkillers.pdf

    Oh My!! On the link file above it lists 52 suspected serial killers, in the West, alone, some of the killers named criss-crossed around the USA as over the road truckers or because they were fleeing from LE, from 1971 to 1996... WOW! I am stumped! This is one of the reasons it is so hard to find our missing ladies!! Some men, too!

    Starr: We'll keep you in our prayers from here on, I couldn't begin to imagine you and your family's pain and frustration, but, I can offer prayers for y'all to receive peace, comfort & knowing, soon! We do admire you for your strength and perserverance, we'll pray for that to remain!

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    Jamie Grissim's story is on AOLNews

    A few things have happened lately regarding my missing murdered sister Jamie Grissim. Her death certificate was issued March 23, 2009 with the presumed death date of December 7, 1971.

    Her story is now on the AOLNews.com web site and can be found by searcing with the name Jamie Grissim.

    There is an unidentified female found in Octobe 1974 that the FBI is trying to extract DNA from. It may take several more months. The DNA is trying to be extracted from the unidentified victim's hair. If DNA is found, it will be compared to my sister Jamie's. There is some possibility it could be Jamie, but the timing is not right. DNA will prove it either way.

    Thank you,
    Jamie's younger sister
    Starr Lara

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    DNA Clue May End 38-Year Mystery, and a Sister's Pain

    Starr Lara has been in limbo for more than three decades, waiting for closure in the case of her older sister, Jamie Grissim, who vanished at age 16 and is believed to be a suspected serial killer's first victim.

    Now, as the suspect nears his release from prison, Lara is praying that DNA she recently submitted will yield a match to an unidentified female found three years after her sister went missing.

    "I hold out hope that it could be her, because of the height, weight and age of the victim," Lara told AOL News. "Most people have forgotten Jamie, [but] I'll never forget.

    "She deserves for the world to know what happened to her. She deserves justice."

    Much more at link: http://www.aolnews.com/crime/article...-pain/19496283

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    For The Missing: Pacific Northwest
    ‎16-year-old Jamie Grissim has been missing from Vancouver WA for 39 years today. Can you help her family get answers???

    Jamie Rochelle Grissim - Vancouver WA, 1971
    ‎16-year-old Jamie Grissim was last seen in Vancouver, Washington on December 7, 1971. She never made it home from school that day. Her purse and other belongings were found 5 months later in a wooded area. Jamie may be the victim of a serial killer. http://helpfindjamiegrissim.com/

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    Tuesday, February 22, 9pm ET

    Special Guest Monica Caison of CUE Center for Missing Persons

    Monica Caison will be presenting the case of missing Jamie Grissim

    Jamie is considered to be the first victim of a potential serial killer who is believed to have raped and killed 6 to 8 young Vancouver women in Clark County between January 10, 1972 and October 1, 1974. He was tried for the death of one woman in 1978 and received life sentence. Jamie is still missing. One body was never identified to this day. All victims except Jamie have been found.

    Joining the Crime Wire Team in the discussion is Jamie Grissim’s sister, Starr Lara

    Be sure to keep up to date on featured cases and issues on our website:

    Join Susan each Tuesday night at 9pm ET with Author and former police officer, Dennis Griffin and Private Investigator and Author, Vito Colucci, Jr. as we feature cases of unsolved murder, botched investigations, missing persons and crimes in the news.

    To Listen Live:

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    Jamie's case was briefly mentioned on Nancy Grace America's Missing.

    Video clip here: http://cnn.com/video/?/video/crime/2...as.missing.hln

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    Candlelight Vigil on 40th Anniversary of Jamie Grissim's Disappearance

    Saturday, December 3, 4:30-5:30 pm at Fort Vancouver High School in Vancouver WA


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