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    Girl bleeds without being cut


    Poor girl, her and her family will be in my prayers. I hope they fins help for her soon.
    Happy New Years

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    I hope so too.
    I'm also wondering about this... I watch documentaries a lot, and a lot of the people with strange physical disorders are from Asia or India.

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    vWD is usually treated with medication and is worse in females especially when they have their periods. This case is one of the most serious form of the disease. I hope the British physicians treat this girl properly so she can lead a normal life as much as possible.

    Hemophelia is usually in the males, I can not believe these doctors were unable to diagnosis this girl instead of taking her to churches, mosque's and other pray facilities instead of one of her doctors finding this disease. I am sure they had computers and could have googled (WebMd) the sypmtoms and found the proper medication for her.

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