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    MO - Crystal Kipper, 18, Kansas City, 24 Feb 1997

    Originally posted by gaia227

    Crystal Kipper Missing Since 1997, Kansas City, MO
    Crystal was driving a friend home when her low fuel light came on but she would not pull over and get gas. She was famous for letting her car run out of gas and used AAA often. She dropped her friend off and pulled away. Crystal never made it home. Her mother found her car the next day along the side of the road with its hazard lights on.
    A truck driver claimed he saw a girl matching Crystal's description along the interstate waving down traffic. He saw a car pull up behind hers so he didn't pull over to help.

    LE raided John Williams house later in 1997 and found some of Crystal's belongings - her clothes, paycheck stub, ID. Apparently there was damage to the clothing indicating a struggle. Williams claimed he struck and killed her on accident and disposed of her body. LE learned Williams had had his windsheild fixed the day after Crystals disappearence and the damage was consistent with someone kicking it from the inside. LE believed Williams had pulled over to assist Crystal, abducted her and killed her. He was a convicted sex offender and was getting ready to be tried in another rape and murder. He committed suicide in his cell.
    He never disclosed what he did with Crystal or her body. Her case remains unsolved.


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    I've driven past where Crystal went missing from her car near Platte City many times... Just recently today... I always think of her.

    Here's a nice memorial on her high schools website:
    North Kansas City High School - In Memory Of: Crystal L. Kipper
    ...Always remembering the missing...

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