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    TX - Bridgett Herard, 16, Graham, 23 December 2008

    Endangered Missing BRIDGET HERARD is a 16 year old white female with blue eyes and brown hair. She weighs 110 lbs (50 kg) and is 5'5 (165 cm) in height.

    She has been missing since Tue, December 23, 2008 (23 days) from GRAHAM, TX.
    Please notify Young County Sheriff's Office (Texas) 1-940-549-1555 if you have any information concerning the case of BRIDGET HERARD.

    Further information: Bridget is believed to be in Wichita Falls, Jacksboro, or Lubbock, Texas. Her ears are pierced.


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    Search continues for missing teen

    The search for a missing Graham teenager continued this week with no apparent break in sight.
    Sheriff Bryan Walls said despite an intense media campaign over the weekend, the sheriff’s department received no tips that could lead them to 16-year-old Bridgett Herrard.
    Despite not getting any useful information, Walls said the sheriff’s office was continuing to work hard to find Herrard.

    “We’re working on it,” Walls said. “We interviewed four people this morning. Nobody called all weekend. We got the FBI, Texas Rangers and the DPS Missing Persons Unit involved this morning.”
    Herrard went missing Dec. 23 and has not been seen or heard from since.
    Herrard is listed as 5-3, weighing 100 pounds with blue eyes and dark brown hair.
    Walls said the missing teen was last seen at a home on Edwards Road just outside the Graham city limits. Her family reported her missing three days later, and sheriff’s deputies began an extensive search.
    Interviews with Herrard’s family and friends got investigators no closer to finding out where Herrard might be. What deputies did find out, however, made them concerned about Herrard. Investigator Tim Bay said the fact that Herrard has not answered her cell phone or even opened text messages was especially alarming.

    “Everyone is saying it’s very unusual for her not to call,” Bay said. “Her cell phone is going directly to voice mail.”
    Deputy Chris Isbell said like most teenagers Herrard lived on her cell phone, returning calls and answering text messages almost immediately.
    “I think the cell phone is unusual,” Isbell said. “Everyone says she calls back. They’ve sent her text messages and after so long they expire.
    “One guy said he sent her two text messages that came back expired. So they haven’t even been looked at.”
    Isbell said deputies have no idea what may have happened to Herrard or where she may have gone, but they hope someone can help them find her.
    “We just want to make sure she’s alive and OK,” Isbell said.
    Deanna Warrick has been friends with Herrard for the last nine years, and she said she is not optimistic Herrard will be found alive.
    “I think she went into a residence and never came back out — at least not alive,” Warrick said.
    Warrick said problems with drugs have cast a shadow on Herrard for years. While the girl was not always a user, she always had to deal with the drug culture. Warrick met Herrard when the girl was 7 and almost became a mother to the child.
    “Her mother would leave her with me for months at a time, and as soon as I was getting attached, she would take her away and put her with someone else,” Warrick said.
    Despite the difficulties, a friendship followed with Warrick looking out for the girl whenever she could. That friendship led to a strange call a few months ago.
    “When I first got involved with her again in the last few months, she had gotten arrested for drug paraphernalia and called me to see if I had some housework she could do to pay the tickets,” Warrick said.
    In the week before Christmas, Warrick came to Herrard’s rescue again, letting the teenager stay at her home two nights.
    During that time, Warrick said she saw glimpses of the little girl she met nine years earlier.
    “She was optimistic,” she said. “She said she wanted a fresh start. She wanted to be happy and wanted to be a little girl again.”
    But something happened before those dreams could come true.
    “She stayed with me two evenings,” Warrick said. “Basically, she was in safe places for a week before she was allowed to babysit and disappeared.”
    Initially, Warrick said she was not too worried.
    “She had run away once, but she always kept in touch with people,” Warrick said.
    When repeated calls and text messages went unanswered, Warrick began looking for answers.
    “She didn’t always answer my calls, but she always texted me, and she always had her phone charged,” Warrick said.
    What Warrick found as she began searching for Herrard has left her terrified.
    “I’ve heard so many rumors,” she said. “I think that baby’s dead.”
    While Warrick is expecting the worst, she remains hopeful that Herrard will be found safe.
    “My prayer is that wherever Bridgett is that she’s in God’s hands, whether that’s here or there,” she said.

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    From Twitter/Missing Children

    It is with great sadness and deep regret that we notify you that Bridget Herard missing from Graham, TX, has been located deceased.

    2:32PM EDT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter J. View Post
    From Twitter/Missing Children

    It is with great sadness and deep regret that we notify you that Bridget Herard missing from Graham, TX, has been located deceased.

    2:32PM EDT
    Can you please provide link/more info please? I can only find an 'announcement' on this twitter site. Nothing else, via news, anywhere. Moving back to missing until verified.

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    She has been taken off the NCMEC's website.

    But my question is why is there no news reports? You get national coverage when a drunk driver crashes into a tree and breaks a finger, but when a missing child dies, nothing is told. I don't understand it.

    --Wes A. Jones / KI4ZBO- President/CEO
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    Hi christine2448,

    At this time, other then the NCMEC announcement, the only additional information I have is one I found in reply to a post I made on a “Topix“. Thread.
    Here it is.
    13 hrs ago
    Peter wrote:
    From Twitter/Missing Children
    It is with great sadness and deep regret that we notify you that Bridget Herard missing from Graham, TX, has been located deceased.
    2:32PM EDT
    Reply from Xonphobia Witchita Fall, Texas

    Yes sadly it is true, the local news in Graham hasn't released the story yet, a Graham man is supposedly being held in young country jail on suspicion for her murder. Her body was supposedly found behind E&H drilling at a residence on Edwards road. Bridgett’s short life was a sad one. Young County has a newly elected woman district attorney, that in her campaign promises said she would deal swiftly and with justice with criminals in Young and Stephens county, we shall see …

    I will post news articles ASAP; as of this post nothing more has been written.


    This link will take you to a picture of Bridgett and what news I have been able to compile


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    Female Body Found
    Friday, January 16, 2009

    David Rubkalvis

    Young County sheriff’s deputies recovered the body of a white female Friday morning, three weeks after a Graham teenager went missing.

    Sheriff Bryan Walls said deputies located the body after a search and rescue dog that came to Young County to help search for Bridgett Herard hit on a pile of debris behind a house on Edwards Road, the same area where Herard was last seen Dec. 23.

    "We do have the body of a young, white female," Walls said. "It was found by the cadaver dogs."

    Walls said Search One Rescue from Dallas volunteered to come to Young County after seeing news reports about Herard. The all-volunteer group donates its time to find missing people and has a strong history of success. Included in the group were several dogs trained to find dead bodies.

    "They started around 10:30 this morning, and they got a little hit in the general area," Walls said. "The deputies searched and found a body under a bunch of debris. There was a pool liner buried under a bunch of debris, and that’s where we found her."

    After the dog hit in the area, Walls said one of his deputies pulled at the pool liner and noticed it seemed unusually heavy. A closer examination revealed a body wrapped inside.

    Walls said a person of interest in the case has been located, but he declined to release the name. That person is currently in the Young County Jail on a different charge.

    "A person of interest was staying at this house," Walls said.

    Walls said there was no immediate sign of trauma to the body but declined to comment further.

    "We’re going to finish this crime scene, call the funeral home and head to Tarrant County for autopsy," Walls said.

    An autopsy was scheduled Saturday morning.

    The Young County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death with assistance from the Texas Rangers.

    Walls said until the body is identified, Herrard is still considered missing. The Graham teenager disappeared Dec. 23 and has not been heard from since then.

    The Graham Leader

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    When a child goes missing it is important to get as much information out there as quickly as possible, looks like Bridgett was failed in this regard.

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    Hi all,

    I was contacted today on MySpace by a friend of Bridgett’s. Her name is Brittney and she has the most beautiful child. Needless to say she was heartbroken, and completely devastated, by the news. In part she had this to say;

    “I wish she would of been okay. This has never happen in Graham, Texas. I cant believe this has happen to her. I am just glad she's in Gods hands. I hope the guys who did this get what they deserve.”

    It is always hard, no correct that impossible, to comfort a person who has gone through this type of loss but I think we should try. Here is my reply:


    I was very sorry to read what happened to your friend.

    I have followed missing person cases for a very long time. The reason I do is because once; long ago, long before you were born, I could have been, almost was, one of those kids you see on a milk-carton. The kids who vanish without a trace.

    As someone who has followed a number of missing person cases I knew the odds were long but like everyone else I was hoping for a miracle.

    I know nothing I can write can take away your pain, your feeling of anger and loss. But in time I hope this poem will help;

    I'd like the memory of me
    to be a happy one,
    I'd like to leave an afterglow
    of smiles when life is done.
    I'd like to leave an echo
    whispering down the ways,
    of happy times and laughing times
    And bright and sunny days.
    I'd like the tears of those who grieve
    to dry before the sun
    of happy memories that I leave
    when my life is done.
    * Author unknown *


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    Thank you for the update Peter J., if you speak to the young lady again please let her know that my thoughts and prayers are with her and Brittney's family and friends.
    "Three things in human life are important: The first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind." ~ Henry James

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kat View Post
    Thank you for the update Peter J., if you speak to the young lady again please let her know that my thoughts and prayers are with her and Brittney's family and friends.
    I will Kat,

    There are so many kids out there who I want to send that poem to; kids who at the very least should learn what really happened to their friend. Hell most of them are adults now.

    I am 60 and I know most will never get that reply from me. Will never know what happened to their friend. Most will never know what happened to; the girl they played little house on the prairie with, the boy who was on their little league team.

    But I believe in God, and a afterlife, and because I believe, I know that someday they will learn the truth, and that someday they will be together again.


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    This has been a tragic event in the small town of Graham. At this time they have not given confirmation to the identity of the body.Its pretty obvious to the young kids tho. I feel bad for them, and there are so many rumors flying around their heads, they are all confused. keep them in your prayers please.

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    Posted on my MySpace page for Bridgett: It broke my heart.

    January 21, 2009 2:42 PM

    Hi my name is Robyn,

    I have known Bridget all her life. She was a great kid who loved people and would do anything for anybody. I last saw Bridget on Dec 20, 08. I had not seen her in 2 yrs so as always I hugged her kissed her on the check and told her I loved her. I gave her my cell number and told her if you ever need anything give me a call anytime day or night.

    Now all I have are memories of her.

    She loved to come over to my house and play with my kids. She spent days, weeks, sometimes months at my house. We would play dress up, paint each others nails, put on make up, listen to music just do what little girls do. She was there when my little boy and my little girl were born. She was my helper, if I needed anything she would be there. She never acted like a little girl.

    I am 33yrs old and she acted like she was my age. I would always tell her Bridget your a kid go outside and play, be a kid, get dirty. She never would; she always was right by my side watching everything I did. Even when I was at work she would come in and stay the whole 8 hours with me talking and helping me do whatever needed to be done, instead of being a kid.

    I miss her a lot, those times will never be forgotten. When she was little we always told people we were sisters because we were always together. As she got older we would say I was her Big little sister because she was taller then me.

    Well Bridget, I hope you always remember the last thing I got to tell you that day; I love you, and one day I will get to see you again, and it will be just like old times.

    Hugs and Kisses
    Your Big Little Sister

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    Just heartbreaking... Prayers for Bridgett and her family.

    Mom Planning for Funeral
    For the last month, Mary Herard has lived a mother’s nightmare. While most people were celebrating Christmas and a new year, she was desperately looking for her daughter. As the first month of 2009 draws to an end, Herard is planning a funeral for her 16-year-old daughter, Bridgett

    While Herard has not officially learned whether the body found outside Graham on Jan. 16 is her missing daughter, she said she is virtually certain it is. Herard said she knew something was wrong the minute the door closed at a residence on Edwards Road where Bridgett went to babysit Dec. 23. “I was on the phone with her when she was dropped off,” she said. Bridgett was taken to the house by a girlfriend from Jacksboro she had stayed with the night before and went shopping with earlier that day.

    Herard said her daughter was called while shopping by the boyfriend of a long-time family friend who asked Bridgett to babysit his girlfriend’s daughters. Although Herard did not know the man, she thought Bridgett would be safe because of the 12-year relationship she had with his girlfriend.
    The full article is available here.

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