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    DAILY News UPDATE: january 19,2009 ***no discussion here please***


    Breaking: Court documents just handed over to the defense in the Caylee murder case will be released any moment now.
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    Anthony Attorney Expected To Seek Change Of Venue

    ORLANDO, Fla. -- The attorney for Casey Anthony is expected to ask for a change of venue for her trial.

    Attorney Jose Baez is expected to request the change this week.

    Legal experts and other attorneys said they can't imagine the judge holding the trial in Orlando because of all the publicity the case has attracted.


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    Entertainment Deals Could Be Paying For Casey's Defense

    Eyewitness News uncovered bold new allegations that secret entertainment deals could be helping to pay for Casey Anthony's defense. Sources tell Eyewitness News that someone complained to the State Attorney's Office about the funding Jose Baez is using toward Casey's defense.

    Those sources told WFTV reporter Mary Nguyen the funding could be considered a major conflict of interest. Eyewitness News sources said the judge knows there's a concern about Baez's defense fund. He could decide it's baseless, but if he determines Baez did something wrong he could remove him from the case.


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    Casey Anthony case: WFTV explores possibility that Jose Baez has a conflict of interest -- and could be removed from case
    posted by halboedeker on Jan 19, 2009 6:53:58 PM

    Reporter Mary Nguyen said Baez's spokesman, Todd B., denied the allegations, yet added that Baez had brokered some deals on licensing fees.

    Judge Stan Strickland would decide if there is a conflict of interest that would warrant Baez's removal.

    The WFTV report was shocking and gossipy, all right, but not substantial. I would have liked to know more details about the complaint. After all, the report raised serious questions about Baez. I'd sure like to know more about his reaction.

    But the report did get me thinking: What would this case be like without Baez?

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