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    Oh Captain, My Captain

    The passing of Ben Underwood, 16

    Please take a moment to pray for the family of this incredible teenager-I first read his story in People Magazine a few years ago and it hit me like a ton of bricks-there was no limit for this young man who found a way around the deficits caused by a rare cancer he fought when just a baby. He died from that same cancer yesterday. It is surreal to consider that this incredibly brave soul was brought down by anything....

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    I had never heard of echolocation before. What an admirable young man. So sad that he couldn't be with us longer.

    God bless you and your mother Ben.

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    I read about him in the Sacramento Bee a few years ago (this was the first story on him and then he had tons of press and appearances that came from it) and recently picked a copy of the paper again because they had him on the front page saying that the end was near. It is such a sweet (bittersweet i guess would be better) story for those who are interested to read. He was a very special kid! Much love to his family in their time of mourning...


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    The passing of Ben is very sad. I am glad he is out of pain.

    Too bad he didn't live a long life, he had a lot to share. I am so glad he made the most of every minute while he was here.

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    I really hate to hear this. DH & I watched Ben awhile back on a 20/20 or Dateline show (or was it Oprah?? anyways...). He amazed me how he could ride his bike and make that clicking sound to "see" what was ahead.

    What a sweet soul. Rest in peace Ben.
    And prayers going up for his family and all of his friends. He will be missed.

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    I remember his story... I remember a news spot on him and how phenomenal he was with getting around via sound. His story was inspirational... sad to hear of his passing.

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