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    MO - Frances Giehl, 72, brutally murdered, Greene County, 19 Nov 2004

    Four years ago a Willard man allegedly stomped his grandmother to death with a pair of steel toe boots and strangled her with a ligature.

    Joe Davidson Music was charged with his grandmother, Frances Nadine Giehl', death in 2004. He is also charged with second-degree elder abuse and two counts of armed criminal action for his grandmas death.

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    Let the monster go to trial with a jury. What he did to his grandmother will turn the jurors stomach and they will give him the max that they can. That poor woman. Was this guy on dope or just plain evil? I just can't imagine anyone doing something so horrible to their gramma

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    A trial could be worse than a plea deal. Hopefully they have the DP or LWOP on the table. This guy is a POS. Anyone who could do that to an elderly person, let alone their own grandmother, or any other human, deserves at the least LWOP!

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    Sounds like he's mentally ill with a capital I. Won't cooperate with Dr's, attorneys..etc. He will be in prison for a very long time, and considering his crimes, I think the public is the better for it.

    "Music, who is being held in the Department of Mental Health's Fulton State Hospital, has refused to cooperate with doctors his attorneys have sent to see him, Meadows said. He has also declined to help with his case, and wants the public defender's office taken off the matter.

    Despite being in Department of Mental Health custody, Music has been ruled competent to stand trial."

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    Mrs. Giehl's 89-year-old mother was also injured in the attack, but survived. According to Missouri DOC, it looks like he's now serving four 25-year sentences for murder, armed criminal action and elder abuse, running concurrently:


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