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    IA - Iowa man flies to Texas to meet 12 yr old boy


    Sgt. Gary Spurberger with Precinct 4 said Henderson and the boy met on MySpace, and exchanged instant messages in chat rooms, text messages on cell phones and talked on the phone since October.

    "Some of the text messages were sexually oriented. They were also about coming to meet the child in Houston and being his friend. He also talked about hugging, kissing, playing and making out," said Spurberger.

    The child's teacher caught the child texting on his Black Berry during class on Thursday, officials said.

    She took the phone away, saw the inappropriate messages and alerted police.

    They go on to talk about getting the gut to fly here and arrresting him. I am proud of this teacher. We need more like her. She could have said nothing. She saved this boy from this POS.

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    Thanks for posting this jnTexas. We had a simular story within our community and it didn't turn out so well. The man was able to make contact with the child I am refering to and although the child is safe now, he will more than likely be struggling for a long time.

    Hats off to that teacher, I wish I could hug her and say thank you!
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    Wow, I am so proud of that teacher for taking action! Good job.

    KAT....oh no, that is so so so awful, breaks my heart!

    I wish parents would monitor children more, a Myspace? No way!

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