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    TX - Neighbors with bats, sticks capture suspected child predator

    Wielding baseball bats and sticks, a crowd in northwest Houston on Sunday chased down a man suspected of preying on neighborhood children in recent weeks.

    "We know him. The whole neighborhood knows him," said Carlos Gonzalez.

    Residents told police the 44-year-old man tried to lure children into his van last week while it was parked at a nearby elementary school. They also accused him of hugging a 12-year-old boy on Saturday while he was wearing women's clothing.

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    Vigilante justice... you have to wonder why the police were not doing anything ~ the neighbourhood took things in to their own hands.

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    It was the little kids who started the chase, this loser must be something bad. Score one for the good guys, zero for the boogeyman.
    Just my opinion

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    I told you they don't mess around with that stuff in Texas!! I almost laughed when I heard that the kids were getting sticks and going after this creep!

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    God Bless the Children...................

    This is a great story.........should happen more often!


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    "While nobody was hurt during Sunday's pursuit, officers said residents shouldn't take the law into their own hands.

    "You need to call law enforcement and let us handle that," said Houston police officer S.A. Burk.

    Police said officers have responded to two calls in the area recently, but none resulted in any arrest. It wasn't known late Sunday whether any of the calls were about sexual assault allegations. "

    Why shouldn't residents take the law into their own hands? They only cornered him. Had they called LE, the creep would probably still be loose. Hooray for the kids!
    Just the facts, Ma'am.

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    i don't know the details here, but in general i would tell people not to pursue...someone who wants to get away can turn and become dangerous to pursuers...glad no one was hurt.

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