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    Exclamation 110 year-old "living fossil" becomes a dad!

    Story Highlights:
    110-year-old endangered male tuatara dinosaur descendant produces offspring
    Henry and his near 80-year-old mate Mildred produced 11 eggs -- all hatched
    Henry, disinterested in sex for four decades, lashed out at females
    But his reptile dysfunction changed when a cancerous lump was removed

    It took about 110 years and some delicate surgery on his most private parts, but Henry -- a lizard-like creature from New Zealand -- is now a dad.
    Henry, a tuatara who, as far as curators at Southland Museum in New Zealand know, had never mated before, hooked up with Mildred, a younger woman of about 80, in March.
    In July she laid 11 healthy eggs and, this week, all 11 of them hatched -- the last one on Wednesday.
    "Eleven out of eleven," curator Lindsay Hazley said Friday morning. "Bloody brilliant. We had a champagne breakfast to celebrate."

    More at Link

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    That's really cool, i've never heard of a Tuatara lizard before and the feller is 110 years old at that! All 11 eggs hatching, that's a good batch to help preserve them

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