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Thread: Sean Goldman: Abducted and living in Brazil UPDATE: Coming Home

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizzybeth View Post
    After watching the video, I'm confused. Sean's father says his grandmother is welcome to come visit them in NJ but he wants her to stop the litigation. The grandmother's attorney says that she has not been permitted to even email or speak with Sean. Is Sean's father holding out on any communication until she drops the case?
    There are conditions that have to be met before any visitation, which I find very logical and reasonable, considering the trauma they put this child through. One is that they have to end litigation and two is that they cannot publicize the visit.

    I think Sean has contacted his grandmother via text message, early on, but in this interview, he stated, IIRC, that he didn't want to talk to grandma because it would make him too sad.

    You have to understand, the grandma did a lot of damage to this child. She facilitated her daughter's abduction of Sean. She then facilitated her son-in-law keeping Sean from his daddy once the mother was dead. Most horrible, she was part of a campaign of parental alienation that was extremely abusive to Sean. That culminated in that horrible gauntlet they forced Sean to walk through to be handed over to his father. There was no need for that.

    So, she is an incredibly dangerous person. I would not allow her telephone contact with Sean because I think the possibility that she would say subtle things, in a language I can't understand, to continue her campaign of alienation, would be high.

    I would not allow visitation until she dropped the litigation. She has no right to continue this. I would then only allow supervised, therapeutic visitation. This child has been through enough.

    He seems to be doing well right now. Let him re-establish contact when he is older and better able to protect himself.
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    There is video here - David Goldman: Brazilians dragged my son through streets

    Sean does not contact the grandmother; IIRC it's in one of the videos; he's pretty clear that he wants to be older & better able to deal with it. Sounds like he's afraid of being abducted again. It will be a cold day before he sees her again IMO. Look at his eyes when he talks. So sad what he knows she put him through.

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    Has anyone been following David & Sean? I found the link below but don't have time to read right now. Hope they're doing well.

    Goldman Case on Bring Sean Home

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