Sad story.

Steven went missing Jan 14, 2008 from Mississauga. His Jeep was found 8 days later in Amherstburg (3.5 hours SW on the 401) at a Sobey's.

His body washed up on the shores of Lake Erie, May 6th, 2008.

He remained UD until January 23rd, one year after he originally went missing.

Body Found and Identified

To me, this ranks up there with the disappearance of Steven Mylan.

Both missing, with their vehicles found in places that makes NO sense for them to me.

I think this is definitely foul play...either they are getting jacked and thrown in the backs of their vehicles and the perps are making a run for the border. Perhaps running drugs, who knows.
Steven Hudson - I think it is key to note that it is very easy to take a ferry to Michigan from Amherstburg....I am guessing any US citizen can get across, even without ID. I grew up about 40 minutes from Amherstburg. When we were kids, we would go to Pelee Island and give the car ferry guys $ to take us across. I believe Steven was dumped first, then the Jeep driven to the Sobey's by the perp, imo. (The Jeep is seen on security coming into the parking lot, but you can't tell who is driving it)

Steven Mylan - Went missing prior to increased border controls at Rainbow Bridge. Only needed a birth certificate, perp could have used it. I really think Steven Mylan's remains are somewhere off the QEW. It wouldn't surprise me if his remains were found somewhere near Welland, Grimsby, Lincoln or St. Catharines, there are some heavily wooded areas as well as Lake Ontario. Very easy to dump someone. His vehicle was found at the Grand Canyon, which is crazy.