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    6 Yr Old Allegedly Forced By Principal To Unclog Toilet With Bare Hands

    Isn't this what school janitors are for?

    EAGAN, Minn. An elementary school principal could be disciplined for allegedly forcing a 6-year-old boy to unclog a toilet with his bare hands. The principal of Rahn Elementary has been on paid leave since mid-December while the school district investigated a complaint from the boy's parents. The school board proposed disciplinary action on Thursday. The nature of the discipline wasn't made public.
    more: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090206/...clogged_toilet

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    oh this is sad. I have a 6 yr old daughter. This poor boy will be tortured by classmates the rest of his school days. Just sad. Kids are so cruel and this adult has set this child up for pure he!!

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    All I can say is that they better be glad this wasn't MY 6 year old that was forced to do this. They would be seeing me face to face with some choice remarks, then the only other person speaking to them would be my lawyer.

    I would attend the very next School Board Meeting and demand the firing of this individual. Anyone who would make a child clean out a clog like that should not be around children to begin with!!!!

    Then, I would give my 6 year old a lesson in what to use or not use that would not flush. Of course he could not be blamed if there was no tissue.

    Thoughts and prayers for the people of Paris and all of France!

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    I read the title as "6 yo allegedly forced principal to unclog toilet with bare hands". I thought how in the heck did he make him do that?

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    Well, of course the article doesn't mention whether there was any toilet tissue available, only that the boy had used paper towels. The teacher had to run and call the principal who then forced the little child to unclog the paper towels with his bare hands. I suppose they had told the children not to put paper towels in the toilet, but six year olds might not remember or do this if they have an intestinal problem or if there is no tissue available. Regardless, the school should expect such things to happen and the district should have a custodian. Schools getting by with treating children as adults and criminals is the cause of this horrible behavior IMO. That, and just abusers in the system. I've spent hundreds of dollars on plumbers and even a new toilet because of my grandkids doing things like this. My plumber even found a toy McDonalds hamburger patty inside acting like a trap that was staying closed but wouldn't dislodge. No children were expected to run their hands inside and clean it out and I don't think I have nearly as much funds or resources as a principal or school district.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBean View Post
    I read the title as "6 yo allegedly forced principal to unclog toilet with bare hands". I thought how in the heck did he make him do that?

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