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    The great Atlantic Ocean swimming hoax

    Over the weekend, in between depressing news about the economy and the continued sagas of Michael Phelps and Alex Rodrgiuez, an inspirational story appeared on the Associated Press news wire. It detailed American Jennifer Figge's accomplishment in becoming the first woman to swim across the Atlantic Ocean. Many media outlets (including Yahoo!) jumped on the story that seemed almost too good to be true. That's because it was.

    Details at the link:


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    I just read this, DK! I am appalled at the whole thing- from the hoax and the audacity of the claim to the fact that Yahoo ran the story, even though it didn't line up from the beginning. It goes to show you how they have to MAKE news these days, when nothing tragic or dramatic is going on

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    Unbelievable! It also goes to show that the media and journalists today do not check their facts before posting a story. I remember when I took journalism classes in high school and college that one of the fundamental rules of a good journalist is to check your facts, and have impartial integrity with your story. It appears most journalists today have neither.

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    The basic rules of journalism have long since been thrown out the window by a good majority of reporters. They all seem to have never learned the difference between being a reporter vs. a "commentator" or "editorialist". They often take the easy way out to avoid doing basic fact checking, but many are also willing to report ANYTHING that shocks, or brings attention. Truth and accuracy are the first things to go by the wayside in many cases.

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