This bizarre incident took place very close to where I live. It got a lot of local news coverage when it happened in December because of this attorney claiming he had been shot by two unidentified men.

The shopping center in question is located in a pricey area of town (Fox Chapel) and is/was subject of a lawsuit regarding security issues by a woman who was kidnapped out of the parking lot in broad daylight along with her smalll child. The woman was forced to drive to Ohio, was raped reapeatedly by the assailant, and then, thank God, she and the child were released.

So now it turns out that this attorney shot HIMSELF - twice!

"An O'Hara attorney who teaches courses on health-care ethics at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University faces a hearing today on charges of lying to police about gunshot wounds he received near Waterworks Mall.

On Dec. 17, according to a criminal complaint, Andrew E. Thurman shot himself in the head and chest with a silver .357-caliber Magnum. Officers found him in the parking lot of the GetGo gas station near the Waterworks Mall, and he blamed his wounds on two unidentified white men, telling police the men had abducted him and robbed him before shooting him.

Police canvassed the area and recovered Mr. Thurman's gun and a bloodstained shirt. Using surveillance tapes, they then determined that Mr. Thurman had fabricated the story.

His motive was unclear, although he has faced financial hardships over the last several years, including the loss of his O'Hara home to foreclosure."

And in yesterday's story, for the first time it was reported that in 1989 this guy "accidentally" killed his wife by shooting her!

"Almost 20 years ago, he was involved in another shooting incident. Mr. Thurman tripped as he was carrying a shotgun and accidentally shot and killed his wife, Patricia, according to a Pittsburgh Press article from Dec. 20, 1989.

The shooting occurred on Oct. 30, 1989, in the bedroom of the couple's home on Linden Street in Aleppo. Mr. Thurman was cleaning a 12-gauge, single-barrel shotgun when his wife asked him to show her how to load the weapon.

He placed a round in the chamber and started to explain the loading process as he walked toward his wife.

He told investigators that he then tripped on "some debris" on the floor, according to a report filed by Deputy Coroner Robert Keys. The gun discharged, and Mrs. Thurman, 35, was struck in the head.

"His handling of the weapon, without question, was negligent, but I don't find the kind of reckless or gross negligence that would or should support a charge," Deputy Coroner Arthur Gilkes said after an inquest. He ruled that the killing was accidental.

Mr. Thurman remarried and has four children."

I am wondering if the family of the dead wife ever wondered at the time if the death was in fact accidental. Because IMO anyone who could manage to shoot THEMSELF twice with a .357 wouldn't hesitate to shoot someone else!