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    AL - James Callahan executed for '82 murder of Rebecca Howell

    I know this family, and the devastation it left. The horror, in a small town, with the murder of a beautiful, bright young woman, NEVER will make sense. I am relieved to announce the killer finally is put to death. This article does not do the family justice. Still, it is available to let the world know, justice is not denied.
    In 1982, this beautiful young woman, from a loving family was abducted, raped, and murdered, while washing clothes at a laundry mat. (The local police station was less than 100 feet from there.) I for one, will NEVER forget seeing the crime scene tape there, her car there, and the spilled soap..where she obviously put up a fight. Her boyfriend, a local favorite singing/guitarist/ artist was singing just right across the street that fateful night. This all happened before midnight February 3, 1982...and so close to the police station, it's unreal. It took a few weeks, to find her body, and the elements, and turtles ate away at what was left.
    The parents divorced, (and the father has since passed on) leaving her other four siblings wondering why, and what to do. This family endured further tragedy, when Becky's younger sister Karen's husband was killed. He was a renowned heart surgeon, and was mowed down while bicycyling with his young family. It's been said that the only son Wade (who I know as well) joined the military, and was attempting to do away with this sick killer after he was caught, but was turned away..due to the metal detectors in the courthouse building. Please remember this happened in 1982, so this sick SOB lived for 27 years, and through numerous appeals. In fact, prior to the final execution, he was granted a stay...in the last few minutes....as Becky's mom, and sister arrived to witness his deserved death. In the end, he NEVER apologized to Becky's family...only his own. I only now am able to print this, but there is so much more to this story. I am so humbled to try and give this story some exposure.
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    By the way, for anyone who read that entire article, the other murderer,(not related to this thread's killing) Danny Bradley was lethally injected for the killing,and rape of his 12 year old stepdaughter. Alabama is Finally, bringing justice back into the system.

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    Wow!!! I am so happy to see this girls family get some justice. God Bless!!!

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