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    FL - St Augustine Cat shot through legs with arrow (survived) perps sought


    "He told deputies two people in a white, mid-’90s Chevrolet truck with a loud exhaust took off after he found Isabella. They were in the parking lot of the nearby boat ramp and sped toward Florida A1A when he screamed, “Who shot my cat.”

    Thank the Lord that this feline child survived. I hope they catch the sick POS's that did this.

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    This makes me SO angry, who could ever do that? And the cat was on the front porch (they think at least) since she couldn't walk! Thank God it didn't hit anything vital....although I really wish that the responding officer would have insisted the cat go to the vet to remove the arrow instead of telling them how to do it themselves. The cat should really be checked out to make sure it really is OK. Even infections can be life threatening!

    I hope to god they catch this creep, maybe put an arrow through his/her legs so he/she knows how it feels!


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