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    Welcome to WebSleuths M E Masterson!

    If you really believe that you may have seen Randa please contact the Fenton Police Department at 810-629-5311.

    Again, welcome!


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    The first annual Missing in Michigan Event was held on May 7th, 2011 at Ford Field in Detroit, MI. The slideshow was made to commemorate the families of the missing that attended the event.

    Randa is included.
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    After three years missing, Randa Jawhari's family is still looking for answers

    ublished: Saturday, February 04, 2012, 1:00 PM
    Updated: Saturday, February 04, 2012, 1:02 PM
    By Amanda Emery |

    FENTON, Michigan -- After nearly three years missing, a Fenton woman's family is still searching for answers.

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    The disappearance of Randa has devastated this strong, loving family.. I have read about her over the course of the last year or so and in checking in on her case I realized that there was in fact a thread here for her at WS.. I can tell you that from just loosely following her case that what has always struck me and drawn me in was/is the very apparent love for this woman from her extremely close knit family.. It as I said has devastated their lives and very much appears as tho a very real part of each and every one of Randa's siblings(7 of them) along with her precious parents.. It's as tho an actual piece of their souls were stripped and taken from them on that February day/night now 3 long years ago..

    I know there are so many cases of so very many families who have a missing loved one that many years pass and yet they still have no answers to what/who/how their loved one was taken from them.. But something about this family's very deep, very real, unconditional love for Randa along with the fact that their lives in very real ways came to halt February 11, 2009 and they just have never been able to even begin to recover, to move forward with their lives.. I realize they are not the only family that are stuck in the horror of a nightmare having come to life, but I personally can feel and sense the raw emotions that strike my heart when reading their words of desperation in longing to have the answers to what happened to Randa..

    They are begging for the answers and promising in return nothing but forgiveness and understanding if only that person would just come forward and tell them what happened to their beautiful Randa.. I believe they are of the mindset that they know in their hearts without a shadow of a doubt that Randa was taken from this world and that she is not just out there somewhere living another life.. The bond that this extremely tight knit family shares is deep, strong, connected and they know that especially with Randa's fragile emotional/mental state that she needed them more so than ever during that time that she disappeared.. Just as her brother, Sam said Randa needed and depended on her family for everything.. Randa needed them essentially to live and therefor her never making contact from that last point at 11:20pm February 10, 2009.. I believe that each and every one of their hearts knew that was only indicative of one, single solitary thing.. And that was that Randa was gone.. Randa was gone from this earthly life and that her life and light had been extinguished by another..

    They want NO revenge.. No harm .. Not even ill will toward the individual that is responsible for taking their Randa from them.. They are asking for so very little and willing to give everything in return for just the simple answers to what happened to Randa that day/night of February 10/11 2009.. And I desperately want this precious family to be granted those answers.. Granted that peace and solace that they have long since deserved..

    Granted that freedom of their souls that are withered and dying while still stuck in that moment in time of horror realizing that Randa was gone.. Gone without a trace.. Vanished into thin air.. And anguishing in the forever thoughts of what could have happened.. How much and how long she could have suffered at the hands of another.. Those years of thoughts running wild are so very much worse than what the truth is no matter how bleak..

    The horror and never ending anguish is more painful than any other state that a human being can be left to.. The not knowing never ends and the endless thoughts of horrors of her suffering never end and that above all else this family deserves at the very least TO HAVE ENDED IMMEDIATELY!!!!

    The answers are here/there!!!.. They truly are and I believe in my heart of hearts this is NOT a case that has to be left doomed to never Being resolved.. I believe that resolution is a very real possibility(and will post some of my thoughts/opinions on possibilities, suspects, and ways/means to bring possible resolution for this family)..

    If the family happens to read here.. I would say to you to hold on and don't give up(and I know you'd never give up on Randa) but I also know that hopelessness sets in and the hope of resolution fades and becomes unattainable.. You all deserve these answers.. Above all Randa's beautiful daugher deserves the answers of what happened to her mommy..

    God bless this precious, loving family that has been in this anguish of just not knowing for now over 3years.. I pray God grant you all the peace and solace you each deserve in having the answers about Randa..
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    Four years later, family still looking for Randa

    Posted: Saturday, February 9, 2013 9:22 am

    It’s hard to believe that it’s been four years since Randa Jawhari was reported missing. Family members last spoke with the 42-year-old Fenton woman around 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2009.

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    still looking

    From the (a local radio station) web page:
    Five Years Later, Family Still Searching for Missing Fenton Woman
    2/12/14 - Tuesday marked the five year anniversary of a Fenton woman’s disappearance and her family continues to search for answers. Then 42-year-old Randa Jawhari vanished from her apartment complex on Shiawassee Avenue near US-23 in Fenton on February 11th, 2009. Police say there were no signs of foul play or other clues as to where she may have gone. Randa, who had been diagnosed with mental illness, didn’t own a car, cell phone or credit card. Extensive searches were conducted and at one point her family paid to have a billboard asking for information about her disappearance. Fenton Police had very few leads in the case and there’s been no new information but say someone knows something about what happened, and one tip could help solve the case. The website remains active and the family has been using other social networking sites in hopes of finding closure one day. More recently, the family has started tying purple ribbons around trees in her memory. Family members still ask that anyone with information come forward and a cash reward through Crime Stoppers of Michigan is still being offered. (JM) Web Link: This Article to a FriendShare:Share on Facebook

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    BUMPING for the family!
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    Has there been any follow up with the woman in Montreal? I am a local and know that her family misses her dearly and deserves answers.

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