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View Poll Results: Would you be frightened being left in a remote trailer with two little kids at night?

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  • Yes, absolutely

    149 36.08%
  • Nope

    130 31.48%
  • Not with a dog.

    53 12.83%
  • Not with a security system, a gun, and a dog.

    81 19.61%

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    Feb 2009
    I would be very afraid but back in the day, No!

    I didn't get that kind of fear until after my kids were born.

    Was Misty afraid? Maybe a little but not that mother protective instincts fear.

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    Jan 2009
    Western NY
    No. I live in the country now. My next door neighbors are Amish and they live almost a mile away.

    I learned from an early age to defend myself and my family. We are also a gun toting family so that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by panthera View Post
    I think it all depends where the trailer is and I was thinking of the area where RC lives with the number of SOs in the immediate area. I still wouldn't want to be out in the middle of nowhere though with two small children in case of an emergency and getting help quickly.
    It was a house,but five minutes away from where the Lisk Sisters were taken and killed.You think you're safe in the country,but you're not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by winterrose View Post
    It was a house,but five minutes away from where the Lisk Sisters were taken and killed.You think you're safe in the country,but you're not.
    OMG! I grew up in a house that was isolated and surrounded by lots of woods. It was scary at times especially during a storm.
    Rest in Peace
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    When I lived in the country, I was scared at night alone. I had two neighbors, but the ones closest to me were nuts. LOL I was mostly scared of them.

    I don't think I would be scared where their trailer is located within a community type setting tho. Especially with relatives so close in proximity...the ones I would have gone running to after I found Haleigh was missing immediately!

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    A few years ago, I would've said that I would NOT be afraid----however, ever since the creepy Joseph Duncan incident with the Groene family, I much prefer having close neighbors.

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    Deep in the heart of Dixie
    I live in a very rural area. I am not scared. The doors are locked. But the way I look at it is if someone wants in bad enough, a lock is not going to stop them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beyond Belief View Post
    Would you be frightened being left in a remote trailer with two little kids at night?
    We're ok with security system, dogs and protection
    if i was 17 and alone like that, i'd be scared silly!!!

    ETA~ we are "remote" country, not trailer community. Our neighbors are "over yonder". lol
    for real...i think i'd be scared alone in a trailer community and really worried about the kids!
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    Sep 2008
    No not if I was Misty! And not if I was me, either.

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    My doors are never locked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sha-sha View Post
    My doors are never locked.
    Have you ever been a victim of a violent crime like I have and many others?

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    I did live out in the country a few times, in houses tho, not a trailer. I got a dog and felt secure. A trailer imo is not as secure as a regular house is and I'd probably want a couple dogs to feel secure.

    Boyfriends and girlfriends are not Babysitters.
    Just because you want to be with somebody does not mean they will take care of your children.

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    Quote Originally Posted by missmybaby View Post
    I said not with a dog only because I'm hard of hearing. Someone could walk right into my house at anytime and I wouldn't know. If they do, my Pit Bull Max is always at my side and it would be the last time they walked in on anyone.

    If you google map RC's address, they have plenty of neighbors.The house isn't off on it's own at all. Some of those neighbors are pretty scary people though.

    I used to have a friend who lived in an old ranch house in the middle of an orchard and she was terrified every time her dh left the house at nite. To the point that he bought a gun for her. The orchard was an anomaly in a town that had grown too quickly into a city of 500,000 people, it was one of the few undeveloped pieces of property left. My friend never had any trouble out there, but my next door neighbor was murdered in her home, in the middle of day by a junkie who broke in and stole her VCR to buy a fix.

    If a bad person gets you in his sights it doesn't matter where you live.

    I live in a rural area, although I do have dogs. My husband used to work nights, but I have never been afraid. After what happened to my dear friend's daughter (in the light of day in a rural area), I honestly believe the bolded. If it can happen here...it can happen anywhere.
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    I'm 24 with a 5 month old baby and a dog. I live in a town with no known sex offenders near by. My Husband goes to work at 1:30 a.m. I am terrified then. I couldn't imagine being 17 with two kids in the middle of no where at night.

    ETA...When I was pregnant with my daughter last august I was at my parents taking care of my neice while everyone was at work. Something told me to lock the doors before I dosed off that day. My neice was asleep on the couch and I on the loveseat. I thought I heard the door knob rattle in my sleep. I closed my eyes thinking I was hearing things then my little dog started barking. I thought it was my father coming home because he had to get a tool or something which happened often, so I just got up and opened the door. Who else would just use the door knob rather then knock. To my surprise I see two young men standing there with a deer in the headlights look. One did all the talking saying "wheres that dude?" I was like what dude? "That dude that lives here" I responded by saying there is no dude here and hurried to shut the door. I didn't hesitate to pick up the phone, although I didn't call the police I called my father who called the police for me. There had been a series of break-ins in my county and the next one over. The police said my description was the best so far. This happened at 10 a.m. at my parents front door. Therefore I am now aware no matter what time of day and where I am.
    My Sweet Baby Girl!!!

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    I live way out in the country I am not afraid to be alone.
    We have a cabin up North it is in very desolate country, I am not afraid to be alone. I have my 2 granddaughters alot & I am never afraid.

    We bought land in Fl for when we retire it has a single wide trailer on it. Hubby is planning on building eventually. I am afraid there! No reasoning why, except its very dark & in a remote area. He says I read WS to much!!! LOL

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