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View Poll Results: Would you be frightened being left in a remote trailer with two little kids at night?

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  • Yes, absolutely

    149 36.08%
  • Nope

    130 31.48%
  • Not with a dog.

    53 12.83%
  • Not with a security system, a gun, and a dog.

    81 19.61%

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    It's not safe in the city, suburbs or country to leave your doors unlocked.

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    Yes, i would be Frightened! Grew up in what could be considered the country(no street lights/lakes/land). I am AFRAID of the dark and would Hate it! Just went camping this year for the first time since childhood, with the family and still didn't like the dark...Had a blast, but skeered of night sounds...My parents live on 80 acres now and love it.

    Clear enough No Way Jose(couldn't resist)would i be alone out there, even with my yippy loud dogs.

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    Texas at the moment :)
    Unless it's known to be an unsafe area, absolutely not. I have a very 'remote' house in Mexico near a small fishing village. I take my children there without my husband without a second thought.
    Only my opinion, no one else need agree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carla Lashelle View Post
    yes plus that area of florida has a lot of skunk ape/bigfoot sightings. im terrified of bigfoot.
    Me, too! I am also afraid of tornados which can wreak havok on mobile homes. The isolated/country part is the part I would like. It's no more dangerous than living in my neighborhood or any other area. And, it's peaceful and beautiful. Well, for the most part.

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    My husband is a Police Officer and works 12 hour shifts, 7am to 7pm. I have 2 dogs, a Lab and a Pit Bull, I have guns in the house, I live in the subburbs, my mother lives 6 blocks away and I have 2 little girls and I am still afraid at night.
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    I had 3 kids, 5 and under, and lived way out in the country. The nearest neighbors lived down the road aways and I didn't even have a phone! My husband was a deputy and worked the night shift.
    I was harassed for 2 weeks of and on by someone who knew my husband's work hours. They wouldn't come and bother us when my husband was home, even when he hid the car. They tried to open my door and would walk around on the porch and try to scare me. I was scared but never made a noise. I had a shotgun I slept with(actually rarely could sleep). I was afraid to look out the window and see who it was. Never did find out who it was. It stopped after 2 weeks. Needless to say, I was scared to death!
    I would be scared with 44 SO's all around me.

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    At MC age I would have been scared of being there alone. I didn't out grow that fear until my late 20's. Still, when DH travels for work I talk on the phone to family until I am so sleepy that I won't wake in the middle of the night. We have a dog...and he is way worse than I am LOL....he never barks until DH is gone and then he is all nerves just like I am. So, if he hears something I hear two. But, thankfully, this is a rare occassion. During my divorced years I just got used to being alone at night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sha-sha View Post
    My doors are never locked.
    I get yelled at cuz i lock the doors. lol better safe then sorry i say.

    plenty enough times that i leave for down the road and forget the door's wide open. so far-- so lucky.

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    I am so much safer out in the country than I would ever be in town. I was alone with 3 kids most of the time, their daddy drove a truck and would be gone weeks at a time. I've never ever feared for my safety out here. They are all grown now, so I am out here by myself sometimes days on end.

    No back alleys for idiots to sneak down, no roving bands of teens cruising the streets, no drunks walking down the street..

    You know that song...

    Green acres is the place for me.
    Farm livin' is the life for me.
    Land spreadin' out so far and wide
    Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by not_my_kids View Post
    Trailer in the country with less than 50 SO's running around or in the inner city with nearly 600 SO's running around?
    Seeing as where I live now was once named the murder capital of the US...I'll go with the trailer. ANYDAY.
    Are you in NOLA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reannan View Post
    I feel more comfortable in the boonies than in an apartment complex within the city. Of course, I am prepared with a 9mm, a shotgun, and a machete behind the headboard of the bed. I also have a good security system. Ron and Misty probably could not have afforded a security system, but I bet they had guns in the house, and I have relatives that are a LOT like Ron and Misty. They are tough people who are scared of almost nothing. Life has been hard on them, and they simply roll with the punches. They don't expect much from life, and they are ready to deal with whatever comes their way. That is the exact reason, I am not surprised by Ron's reaction and statements during the 911 call. My life is currently a far cry from that of Ron and Misty......but that is only because I made choices the rest of my relatives did not make. I can also assure you that children growing up in a situation that is less than affluent can grow up in a GREAT environment - I did. The pictures of Haleigh looked happy, and Ron is sincere in his love and sense of loss, IMHO.
    Good gawd, you sound like me. I have a pit bull, 12 ga. shotgun,30-30 Winchester, my old 9 shot .22 revolver and a .40 s & w. I am loaded for bear, LOL.

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    I'd be okay with a security system, a gun and a dog. LOL

    But when I was a 17 year old girl, it wouldn't have bothered me at all back then. I thought I was invincible!!!

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    Forgot to mention, it would be my RAY gun, of course!

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    Quote Originally Posted by not_my_kids View Post
    Trailer in the country with less than 50 SO's running around or in the inner city with nearly 600 SO's running around?
    Seeing as where I live now was once named the murder capital of the US...I'll go with the trailer. ANYDAY.

    I voted "Nope". Like you, not_my_kids, I've lived in murder capitals, two of them, when they were each the murder capital, so why would I squirm living in a trailer in a nice secluded rural area? Do I have to bring the kids? The peace and quiet sound soooooo inviting. Maybe I'll bring along a gun for company.

    Quote Originally Posted by cajun View Post
    Are you in NOLA?
    I wonder the same.
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    YES! I've had a phobic fear of remote areas but mostly woods & it started long before 'Deliverance' was a movie..I can't even force myself to walk thru woods in broad daylight with other ppl..It creeps me out that much..Maybe it's cos I know how many murdered bodies have been dumped or buried there..Maybe it's this crazy thought in my head that kooks/killers hang around there waiting for their victim (s)..I know that sounds like it came from 'Deliverance' but it didn't. lol

    The mountains up north are breathtaking to look at from a distance but I don't ever vacation there..I often go south to the beach where it may be somewhat remote but there's a very diff vibe.

    I live in the burbs where the crime rate is very low, nobody's been murdered in their home in the 30+ years I've been here, & few if any own a gun..I still keep my doors locked day&night even tho I don't live alone.

    I had a lab for 11 years who barked at anything & everything during the day but was useless at night..It's a good thing we never needed him to scare anyone off cos he slept like he was in a coma! On the handful of nights I have spent overnight alone I didn't fall asleep to the sun was starting to come up..That's how afraid I was & for no real reason. <sigh>

    So! After all that, lol, I wouldn't be caught dead (no pun!) left alone with (or without) kids at night like Misty was..I'd never live there period! No way, no how!

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