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    REMOVE Judges Who Aid and Abet SOs

    In the Judiciary, as in any other profession, there is, sometimes, incompetence in the midst of excellence. Perhaps its time to remove from the bench Judges whose decisions cause harm to the communities they serve and costs the lives they are supposed to be protecting. If you know of judicial incompetence please post here.

    Case in point: Judge Amy Davenport. Who released Michael Jacques (a long-term pedophile offender) who later abducted, raped, and murdered his 12 yr. old niece. In addition to below is an account of her judicial decision making posted by Kelly Ritchie (see link), that makes me question Judge Davenport's competence:

    Judge Davenport must step down

    I find myself having to write another letter in hopes that this will be the last one, but in this state, I think I will be writing them for many more years to come, because we simply don’t get it.

    We need a backbone and stop talking and start acting on what is happening in our state. Most of what I wrote is a repeat of what I wrote when I wrote about Judge Cashman and his outlandish ruling on a 60-day sentence for a sex offender.

    Yet, nothing has changed, so it should all be said again, and again, and again, until we get it. Will there ever be enough innocent victims in this state for us to stand up and make a change?

    What is the magic number we need to have for us to finally say, enough is enough, and we are not going to take it anymore? As we all know, we have buried an innocent child who has paid the ultimate price because a judge once again put her faith in a criminal over a victim.

    When is someone going to expose Judge Amy Davenport’s record of what she is doing and allowed to do? Do you know how many violent people she has let walk free? Really, Vermont do your homework, you will be outraged. If I sound bitter, it is because I am.

    Judge Amy Davenport became a part of my life in 1999, when she let the man who held me captive and beat me relentless for six hours out on a $2,000 cash bail at a bail reducing hearing.

    He was fleeing when he was arrested, not even a U.S. citizen, had guns, and thousands of rounds of ammo, and with all this Judge Davenport was so busy she forgot to pull his passport leaving him to travel as he pleases.

    To thank Judge Davenport for her kindness, he fled and has never been seen since. There are also many other criminal’s who owe Judge Amy Davenport a big thank you, the list is long, and they have also reoffend and created more victims while being released by Judge Davenport.

    She will tell you, she does not know they will reoffend. Let me tell Judge Davenport something, I don’t care if they reoffend or not, I want justice from the judicial system, I don’t want any more judges feelings. I want these judges to know, study and enforce the law and keep violent criminal and sex offenders behind bars for as long as the law allows.

    I am not interested in criminals being given a second chance. Judge Davenport fails to realize as most of the judges we have in Vermont, for the victims, there are no second chances for us, we live with the scars these criminals’ leave us with.

    I hope we will all become proactive, and call for Judge Amy Davenport to step down as a judge, she is a disgrace to the justice system, Vermont, and as a human being.

    We simply cannot ask another innocent child to pay the ultimate price with their own life, because we have judges who refuse to uphold the integrity of justice.

    Kelly L. Ritchie

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    Though, personally, I don't care for him, the following article is from Bill O'Reilly. Even a stopped watch is right twice a day and here is his take on Judge Edward Cashman

    Tuesday, January 17, 2006

    By Bill O'Reilly

    It is getting worse up in Vermont, as some in the green mountain state have launched a counter attack to defend Judge Edward Cashman, who sentenced 34-year-old man Mark Hulett to 60 days in prison for raping a six-year old girl over a four year period. Hulett is set to get out March 4th.

    And now we learn that Hulett's best friend is also accused of abusing the little girl. 33-year old Derek Kimball has been charged with sexual assault. No trial date has been set.

    Not only did Hulett rape the girl himself, but he may have set up another man to do the same thing. And Hulett gets 60 days.

    Judge Cashman should have been gone last week, but so far no Vermont official has moved against him. And his boss, Superior Court Judge Amy Davenport, who could transfer him to civil court has refused to do.

    Also, former Vermont chief Justice Jeffrey Amestoy is praising Cashman, saying he's competent and caring. Unbelievable.

    The Vermont media also continues to prop up Cashman. Associated Press reporter Christopher Graff has written another sympathetic story on the judge. And a program on Vermont Public Television criticized me over the weekend.

    The Vermont legislature is dithering over Cashman. And although Governor Jim Douglas has called for Cashman to quit, he has done nothing else.

    This entire revolting display should remind you of Jessica Lunsford's murder in Citrus County, Florida. As police desperately searched for the nine-year-old girl, the accused killer's housemates mislead the cops, who came to their front door. Bought and delivered Couey a bus ticket so he could flee the state. And now Couey himself says roommate Matthew Dittrich knew Jessica was in the trailer where she was sexually assaulted and suffocated to death.

    Yet Florida prosecutor Brad King refused to charge Couey's enablers. And The St. Petersburg Times supported King, who remains the chief law enforcement official in Citrus County, if you can believe it.

    Now the only good thing to come out of Jessica's case is Jessica's Law. The Florida legislature did pass tough mandatory sentencing against child predators.

    In Vermont, there are no mandatory sentencing laws for child rapists. And there are no public demonstrations against Judge Cashman.

    Where are activists Ben & Jerry, the ice cream guys who constantly scream about human rights? Where is former Governor Howard Dean? Senators Jeffords and Leahy? Where is socialist Congressman Bernie Sanders? Surely, he cares about the victim's rights.

    Our billoreilly.com poll question asks if Judge Cashman is not removed from criminal cases, will you boycott Vermont? If Judge Cashman is not removed from criminal cases, will you boycott Vermont?

    Unfortunately, that's what it might take -- action by the rest of the country to wake the state up.

    —You can catch Bill O'Reilly's "Talking Points Memo" and "Most Ridiculous Item" weeknights at 8 and 11 p.m. ET on the FOX News Channel. Send your comments to: oreilly@foxnews.com

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    I read an article this morning from Miami Fl. Sex offenders are dropped off under some bridge when they are turned loose. The article is at www.npr.org. I think thats right.

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