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    Woman Performs Own C-Section


    "So at midnight, after 12 hours of constant pain, the petite, 40-year-old mother of six sat down on a low wooden bench. She took several gulps from a bottle of rubbing alcohol, grabbed the 6-inch knife she used for butchering animals and pointed it at her belly.
    And then she began to cut.
    Under the light of a single dim bulb, Ramirez sawed through skin, fat and muscle before reaching inside her uterus and pulling out her baby boy. She says she cut his umbilical cord with a pair of scissors, then passed out.
    That was March 5, 2000. Today, the baby she delivered, Orlando Ruiz Ramirez, is a rambunctious, playful 4-year-old. And Ines Ramirez is recognized internationally as a modern miracle. She is believed to be the only woman known to have performed a successful Caesarean section on herself. "

    Momma Mia!

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    Gawd... some how the thought of drinking RUBBING ALCOHOL is almost worse than the do-it-yourself C section part.

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