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    OH - Boy 11, Arson and 3 home burglaries

    Boy 11, Arson and 3 home burglaries
    Police arrested the boy, and he gave a written statement to police in front of his parent confessing to the fire. He is now in juvenile detention in Lima.
    The boy was and still is awaiting court hearing for 3 home burglaries for which he was previously arrested


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    Young kids get in trouble like this all time. 2 kids recently took 2 steps inside of my opened garage while I was home and stole my sons bike. THAT is burglary in my state and we were with the police when we spotted them across a field. The other boy was also on a stolen bike from my neighbors house down the street. They are in either the 7th or 8th grade.

    We couldnt even contact moms & dads because their voicemail came on and the boss(s) "coudnt find them" when we all tried to call them to tell them what happened and that their sons were on their way to juvy.

    So, the usual question is "Wheres the Parents"....um well, the story told all of us exactly where the parents were....they werent available ! <as usual>

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    I can't even imagine losing my home by a fire deliberately set by a 11 yr old!

    The people whose house he destroyed didn't have any insurance and all they have left is the clothes on the backs........ it's horrible

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