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    Casey Anthony Case Illustrations (pre-trial and during)

    These are some old illustrations of the characters in this case:


    I'm sure once the trial starts we will be treated to many more...

    The drawing of Casey with all her fingers and toes crossed is TOO DARN FUNNY! The first three illustrations are CLASSIC.

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    Those are hilarious and it is amazing how the artist/'s captured the persona of their subjects. Thanks for the laugh.

    ABC provided $200,000.00 to
    Casey Anthonys defense!
    The MURDERED should not be USED to pay for the MURDERERS DEFENSE!

    American Tragedy: The defense of Casey Anthony.

    Juror No. 11 somehow made the journey from Casey is the one on trial to George may be a murderer, based on how George acted on the stand? 3 years of evidence against Casey and he throws George under the bus. Makes sense?
    What evidence indicated that George might be a murderer? Anyone?
    Weren't they to ONLY consider EVIDENCE?
    This NOT GUILTY verdict throws Caylee right back into the swamp she decomposed in. Thanks to this "impartial" jury.

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    Thanks for the link, it appears I had actually missed this one! My favorite part was this one regarding LP:
    "and as best we can tell, washed his hands of the whole thing."
    aah haa haa haa!!!

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    Pretty good illustrations, and the article wasn't half bad either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GatorFL View Post
    Pretty good illustrations, and the article wasn't half bad either.
    ITA! Loved Cindy with the crystal ball!

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