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    ID - Max-Gian Alcalde, 7, Boise, 26 Nov 2008

    Mother suspected of kidnapping her son

    Authorities are asking the public's help in locating a boy who they say was unlawfully taken by his mother out of the area.

    Boise Police say they're looking for Margaret Dunbar-Alcalde who's suspected of second-degree kidnapping of her son, MaxGian, 7.

    MaxGian hasn't seen by his dad in two weeks. Boise Police say they usually do not get involved in a custody case until a law is broken or a child is in danger. But since Max Gian has been missing for three days they're stepping in to try and find him.

    His family says he's a vivacious 7-year-old, whose all boy.

    "He likes to play with swords, he likes to run, jump, climb," said Vince Alcalde, MaxGian's uncle.

    But MaxGian's father hasn't seen him since the day before Thanksgiving.

    "I can't say I'm holding it together, most of the time I'm probably okay and sometimes I'm not," said Marco Alcalde.

    Max Gian's parents are divorced. His mom, Margaret "Maika" Dunbar had custody of him from November 26th until December 7th, when she was suppose to drop him off near Collister Elementary. The two never showed.

    More: http://www.2news.tv/news/35836259.html

    Family members have set up a website here: http://www.findmaxgian.com/

    NCMEC: http://www.missingkids.com/missingki...archLang=en_US

    News segment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=663Wg2RyWs0

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    Bumping for Max-Gian. He is my spotlight case on my MySpace this week. www.myspace.com/4missingkids

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    MaxGian will be featured on a CNN "Find the Children" webcast on August 17. The exact time is not known at this point.


    "The news is barely encouraging! However, we are getting some emdia coverage and believe MaxGian may be in Panama or Costa Rica. I have updated the "Latest Information" section of the website:

    http://www.findmaxgian.com/Latest_information.html "

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    aww, look at that precious face. Thank you for bumping him up I4G. What a handsome fella. Prayers that he returns home soon.
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    The CNN broadcast with MaxGian's case is being delayed. Hopefully will be on soon.


    ETA: If you go to the link above, and scroll down to March 23, you can see a video by MaxGian's father.

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    Parental abduction emotionally hard for kids
    Story Created: Aug 21, 2009 at 4:21 PM MDT
    Story Updated: Aug 21, 2009 at 4:43 PM MDT
    Nine months ago, Marco Alcalde's ex-wife abducted his seven-year-old son Max Gian. Alcalde hasn't seen the boy since then but is already making plans for when his son comes home.

    "I need to be ready, so I've done some things," Alcalde said. "I've lined up a psychologist."

    Experts say that's a wise move because the psychological toll on a child from parental abduction can be devastating.

    Dr. Thomas Young with the Warm Springs Counseling Center says such a moment can be extremely hard on a child emotionally.

    "It's a situation not the same as being kidnapped by a stranger obviously," said Dr. Young. "But there's a sense of complete loss of control, complete fear. Will I ever see my other parent again?"

    "It can create issues of unrecognized anger, and anxiety," said Dr. Young. "Children become very anxious in these situations. We know from very recent studies children as early as the age of 3 can become significantly depressed."

    Children in troubled marriages already have emotional issues to deal with, but experts say when a parent takes a child by force, it creates a new dimension of dread.

    VIDEO: Parental abduction emotionally hard for kids
    The children in parental abduction cases are usually very young, and a study by the University of Maryland found 16 percent of those children experience serious mental harm.


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    Somber first day of school for dads of abducted boys

    For many of you and your children, today was the first day of school -- an anxious, exciting beginning to a new year.

    But for two Boise fathers this was a day of profound sorrow.

    For Marco Alcalde and Tony Principali this was a first -- not a first day of school, but the first day of school without their 7-year-old sons.

    Both of their boys would be entering 2nd grade today, but each of their mother's allegedly abducted those children and fled the state or possibly even the country. Federal arrest warrants are out for both women.


    Maxgian Alcalde would have started at Collister Elementary School in Boise today.

    His father went without him wanting to make sure a spot would be saved in the event of his safe return.

    More: http://www.ktvb.com/news/localnews/s...135f6bca0.html

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    Summarized from: Latest information at:

    August 31, 2009:

    The "Find The Children" webcast on CNN that was supposed to include MaxGian is delayed again. The name of the program is the issue.

    Today was supposed to be MaxGian and Luca Principali's first day of school. "Luca's father, Tony Principali, now suffers from the gut wrentching feelings of loss associated with having your child taken from you." MaxGian's dad Marco has met with Tony to offer support.

    Marco went to MaxGian's school today, even though MaxGian couldn't. The school district is saving his place.

    Friends of MaxGian's mother know where they are, but have yet to give up that info.

    "We will need to find more patience and keep up the prayers for MaxGian."

    Come home soon, MaxGian.

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    Bumping for MaxGian. Praying that his papa can have the same happy results that Luca's papa got. Luca is home safe, now it's your turn MaxGian!

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    From http://www.findmaxgian.com/Latest_information.html

    "Our neighborhood is organizing a team for the Barber to Boise Run/Walk on 17 October. The team will be dedicated to helping raise awareness and funds in support of finding and recovering MaxGian. We will have T-Shirts for participants and hand out flyers at the race. If you are interested to support our effort, please send an email to findmaxgian@yahoo.com."

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    Halloween was Max-Gian's 8th birthday. I hope that, wherever he is, he could have a happy birthday and trick-or-treating. :HappyBday Max-Gian!

    Max-Gian's family is also asking for help from specific areas. If you know anyone who lives there, or anyone who travels there, please let them know.

    In Mexico: A) Ameca B) Veracruz C) Cancun
    In Panama: A) Border towns B) David
    In Costa Rica: A) Border towns B) Puntarenas


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    One year, still no answers

    2 News first talked to Marco Alcalde one year ago, after his then, seven-year-old son Max-Gian disappeared with his ex-wife during the holidays.

    Today, his thoughts are still with his little boy.

    "Everyday is emotional," Alcalde said. "Some days are a lot worse than others."

    Alcalde says he's dedicated the last 356 plus days, to getting Max-Gian back. He's been working with private investigators, the FBI and traveling thousands of miles to Central America, where he believes his now eight-year-old son may be.

    More: http://www.2news.tv/news/local/78103267.html#IDCThread

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    Max-Gian's story will be airing on HLN, starting the week of February 8th! Not sure of the exact days or times yet.

    "The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) recommend missing children cases to CNN, who then select one to be the missing child of the week (nationally). Krisit Paul reports these stories, who coincidentally, began her career in Boise."

    From: www.findmaxgian.com

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    I just saw MaxGian's case on HLN! They said it was a "week long effort to find the missing 8 year old", so it looks like they will show it every day this week! Unfortunately, they interuppted the middle of his spotlight segment today to bring "breaking news" on the doctor surrendering on charges for MJs death.

    From www.findmaxgian.com

    Depending on the news of the day and barring any real breaking news, the segment should run a couple times…once in the noon hour, 1pm hour, 2pm hour and maybe the 3pm (all eastern) on HLN. We’ve cut 5 different stories out of our interview so we can air one story each day at all those times I just mentioned. I’ll probably try to tape a segment for the weekend show as well.

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