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    CA - Diana Lynn Ramel, Manton, 14 Feb 1980


    3 March 09

    But there is another woman linked to Stanley whose ultimate whereabouts have been a mystery for decades: Diana Lynn Ramel.

    In a phone conversation with Lake County News late last month, Stanley stated that he intended to turn over to law enforcement officials and the Tehama County Grand Jury the location of Ramel's body. Ramel went missing on Feb. 14, 1980.

    much, much more at link

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    The long wait for justice

    Convicted murderer Gerald Stanley wants to die.

    Since 1984, Stanley, now 60, has been on death row for the murder of his
    wife, Cynthia Rogers. Stanley shot his wife through the heart as she sat
    with her father at his Nice resort in August 1980.

    Today, Stanley says he is willing to pay the price for his crime, and he
    is asking for an execution date.

    And, thus far, the answer has been no.

    Stanley's isn't a common story on death row. The majority of the 640 death
    row inmates at San Quentin State Prison would probably like to go on

    (source: Lake County Record-Bee)
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    GS is still on death row for shooting his first wife, Cynthia.
    Pdf file of all condemned prisoners in CA as of 2/2015: http://www.cdcr.ca.gov/capital_punis...listsecure.pdf

    Diana is still missing, 35 years now. She is not listed in NamUs, Charley or Doe that I find. And I'm also unable to locate a photo of her.

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    I hope her body is located. It seems like the state of California could commute Stanley's sentence to life if he provided information. maybe even give the guy a twinkie every 2 weeks. I don't like the idea of rewarding criminals but it seems like a small cost when you measure how much it might mean to Diana's loved ones.

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    ​Serial wife killer on death row offers info on where he buried body in exchange for execution date
    A serial wife killer who's been on San Quentin's death row for three decades is demanding that his sentence be carried out. And, he's offering to reveal where he buried one body, if the state sets an execution date. But, his own children want him to rot in prison. (...)

    Support for the death penalty has been slipping in California. It's now at its lowest level in 40 years, partly on moral grounds. But a major part of it is that our system of carrying out a death sentence is seriously broken. Case in point -- Gerald Stanley.


    Stanley, a professional hunting guide, spent just 4.5 years in prison. Within months of getting out, his new wife, Diana Lynn, went missing in Tehama County

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