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    MT - Miranda Fenner, 18, murdered at The Movie Store in Laurel, 1998

    Originally posted by: Boilly, moved here for discussion...
    Miranda Fenner, 18- unsolved murder
    Laurel murder still unsolved 10 years later
    Miranda Fenner, 18, was attacked at The Movie Store in Laurel where she worked as a clerk on the night of Nov. 15, 1998.
    Fenner was stabbed several times and her throat was slashed in the attack. She died that night from wounds she received during an attack.
    Police have no suspects in the case... More...

    Miranda Fenner
    Miranda Fenner, 18 Date of death: Nov. 15, 1998 Fenner was found on the doorstep of The Movie Store in Laurel around 8:20 p.m.

    25000.00 unsolved murder reward
    Miranda Fenner moved with her family to Laurel, Montana in 1990. She graduated from Laurel High School in May 1998. She enjoyed spending time with her family and friends, animals, drawing and shopping.

    She died the night of November 15, 1998 from wounds she received during an attack at The Movie Store located on the 400 block of West Main.
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    These articles are from last year, but hopefully they've only gone further in the investigation since then and are that much closer to solving this horrible murder.

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    In 2012 the Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office opened a cold case file on Miranda.

    "With modern technology and modern science, we're able to send old evidence in for new testing and the case has progressed, especially within the last two years," Bancroft said...

    "I can tell you that we have had worthy, useable information come in, even within the last two or three weeks in this case," Bancroft said.

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