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    Thumbs down UT - 2 Female Teachers Charged With Having Sex With 13 Year Old Boy

    http://www.kutv.com/mostpopular/stor...3vsUFaL2w.cspx This was on our local news station yesterday, it's bad enough when it's 1 teacher, but this child had 2 teachers abusing him!

    Boyfriends and girlfriends are not Babysitters.
    Just because you want to be with somebody does not mean they will take care of your children.

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    These women are disgusting. I wonder what made this one child a target?

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    There has got to be a lot more to this story.
    Two teachers in the same Junior High didnt just independently of each other happen to initiate a sexual relationship with the same 13 year old kid.

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    What is wrong with these teachers that want to have sex with these kids?
    They both could have kids around the same age as this boy. It just never ends. I just can't see what is sexually appealing about a kid of 13 yrs. Seems like a lot of them are still in that big hands big feet stage and their body is trying to catch up with their hands and feet. Aren't they kind of awkward and their voices are changing or is that when they are a little younger. Been a long time since my son was 13 yrs old. Regardless, they are still just young young kids.

    They had sex in public parks!!!!!!! Talk about risky behavior!

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