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    Thinking of you and your family on this Easter Sunday HaLeigh; blessings to you all.

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    Thinking of you on this day. <3

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    We are still searching for answers, the truth, and you Haleigh!

    Put yourself in our shoes,” said Haleigh’s uncle, Andy Sheffield. “If this was your child, you would want people to keep looking.”
    snipped: family members said Haleigh has two brown birth marks: the larger one is on her left cheek bone and a smaller on is on the right side of her face, just above the jaw. Also, she has strawberry blond hair with hints of red in it, not just blond hair. Family members said her fingers and toes are chubbier than those of other children her size and age, and her left eye is a "lazy eye."
    Published: Friday, February 20, 2009 at 4:14 p.m.
    just trying to make sense out of all of this

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    Somewhere out there ....
    I can't believe today you would be 8 years old, time has just moved by way to fast.

    Happy Birthday Haleigh ! I never stop thinking of you............
    What lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies inside of you....
    Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

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    Happy 9th Birthday, HaLeigh! We'll never stop thinking of you and waiting....

    Prayers for beautiful, little Haleigh!

    RIP to all the angels who were taken from us too soon!

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    Prayers for Haleigh...

    Happy Birthday Haleigh...
    We Can't Give Up On Finding Haleigh.. She Is Our Little ANGEL..

    My post's are "My Opinion Only"

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    Red face

    Happy Birthday HaLeigh, praying you are safe. God bless you.

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    You are never forgotten, Haleigh.
    People seldom do what they believe in. They do what is convenient, then repent. ~ Bob Dylan

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    Thoughts are with you.

    Thinking of your family on this day.

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    sad still no updates

    was hoping some kind of update would of happened by now.

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    Still praying for you HaLeigh.

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    Me, too, JSV. Just imagine, Haleigh would have turned 11 this month. So much life missed, snatched away. Six years, and still counting.
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    so I was reading up on Haleigh Cummings' case and came across a letter some white trash girl from this family's white trash group of friends wrote. Ill post a link, but in the letter she had made a comment about how some guy wrote a sworn affidavit about how Haleigh ingested Oxycontin and the girl writing the letter, Misty, and a few others were there when it happened and freaked out, put her in the trunk of a car, and put the body into a river/lake. So in the letter, which she wrote to Haleigh's father Ronald, she says "Ask him why (meaning the man who wrote the sworn affidavit) he's putting me in the middle of a homicide investigation?" That last part just stuck on me. So ok, he's saying she was killed, but the family's story is she was kidnapped, so why would she say she's in the middle of a homicide investigation if Haleigh was never killed? Am I the only one who found this statement odd? Just the whole thing with Lonzie Barton brought up thoughts of Haleigh Cummings (since the two are cousins), so I was looking into old Haleigh news stories, and came across the letter. It just seemed like an extremely incriminating statement. If she's not dead, how are you in the middle of a homicide investigation? I have a real good feeling that stupidity is gonna break this case wide open, stupidity and long prison sentences...

    letter is posted under 9-24-09, the posts go in descending date order

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