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    MN - Two 10yos do $500,000 in vandalism in one afternoon

    One can only imagine what goes on in the minds of 10-year-old boys. It's a Sunday afternoon. You somehow get into a fenced construction site filled with big cranes and bulldozers. You manage to find some ignition keys, hop up on the seat, start the engine and away you go.

    You knock out power to a radio station, seriously damage construction equipment and level a trailer. Your day ends in the back of a squad car.

    To the two 10-year-olds, it may have seemed like a romp in a giant sandbox full of toys. But, Minneapolis police say, that romp did more than $500,000 of damage at the Heritage Park housing development near Hwy. 55 and Lyndale Av. N.

    Police say one of the boys drove several hundred feet in a 100,000-pound excavator during the demolition derby.

    The boys, who live within blocks of the site, snapped a power pole in half, knocking out power to KMOJ-FM radio for 17 hours. They confessed to police after they were arrested Sunday evening. The boys, who won't be identified because they aren't adults, can be charged with a felony-level crime in Juvenile Court.

    Police told RC Williams, operations manager for KMOJ, that the damage will exceed $500,000. When police arrived at the scene, they asked Williams if the destruction had been caused by a storm.

    "I don't think the kids realize the magnitude of what they did, but they will soon enough," Williams said. "The cab of the equipment they were driving was crushed in. I'm amazed they got out without being hurt. It was an ugly scene."


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    I'm sure that a construction site, although fenced, could be considered an "attractive nuisance". Whomever left the keys in the ignition for the weekend should be held at least partially responsible.

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