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    Casey and Haleigh: Missing Children and the role of the Media

    As you may have noticed once a child is found or the murder is solved, I tend to post less on the case and turn my focus towards other cases. Currently Haleigh Cummings. As I am mostly interested in retrieving missing children whether they are found dead or alive, hopefully the latter. I felt compelled to start a thread on a story I just read found here:


    This thread is to ask your thoughts as to why everyone is still fixated on the Anthony case, when we still have a missing child out there whose story is quickly fading from the headlines. I don’t think the average Websleuther is guilty of this but the media certainly is and the general public who buys into the media hype. How can we help to keep these children in the media spotlight?

    I wrote the editor of this story to remark on my views of the similarities or lack of in the two cases of Caylee Anthony and Haleigh Cummings. I think the two stories are important to the public, not only on how we view them but how the MEDIA follows, manipulates, and draws attention to them. It is fair that a child that comes from a doublewide trailer gets less media attention than that of one that assumingly comes from a “normal middle class neighborhood?”

    Here is my view of this story:
    I think this story is unfair to the Cummings family and I disagree with Roy Peter Clark's view of the case when he stated, "I think the greatest difference between the Caylee story and the Haleigh story is social class. I don't believe that working-class Americans get a very fair shake in the news media in general."

    First of all the Anthonys as well as the Cummings are working class. In fact I bet the Cummings family is better off with probably little debt and Ron Cummings himself has stated he has enough money he said for a down payment on a home, whereas the Anthony family is in such financial debt, Cindy Anthony was threatening divorce prior to Caylee’s disappearance. George Anthony is not working. Despite Ron's explosive exploits during his 911 call, I'd say the Cummings family has a lot more class than the Anthony family who have cussed out, provoked and harassed caring citizens who searched for their Granddaughter, right down to Lee removing memorials and tributes left by well wishers. Yeah, what class! Never once did they thank searchers until their granddaughter was found. They have done everything they can to protect their murdering daughter.

    The only reason the Anthony case is getting more attention is because the media is fixated off the bizarre nature of the case, complete with a sociopath and dysfunctional family unit, who in my opinion all played roles in the murder of Caylee Marie, as this is a classic case of enabling. You don't have that in the Cummings family. Just your average, loving, hard working family. Yup, you're right no story there, so why give the child anymore air play? The media makes me sick. This is not a statement to bash folks here that are still interested in the Anthony case. Just wondering how you feel personally about how the media follows cases like these.

    Comments welcomed.
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    Nedthan Jones,

    I had to respond to your post because i could not agree more.I have to really think about this for a minute and will add thoughts...there are many

    #1 thing WS can do is keep posting on Haleigh's public forum to keep the interest up.imo and of course 'sleuth'

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    I believe one of the main reasons is lack of information to form more opinions on Haleigh's disappearance.Without more information it is hard,except for our dislike of personalities and lifestyle.There is definitely questions of Ronald and Misty's behavioral patterns as they speak and actions as of late,but with Crystal there is motive financially or even in Misty,the act of a jealous girlfriend.

    I believe the media and the public are waiting for more information to come forward.Is it all circumstancial and a complete outsider,it is hard to decide if there's a lack of emotion towards the child on the whole or the immuturity of both parents.LE's lack of response in clearing any of them is just leaving everything up for spectulation,rumor and past criminal records.And we can't identify ourselves with them at all to differentiate why and how they are behaving as they are.

    The moment I saw Casey Anthony in handcuffs smiling while being walked away by an officer,I pretty much knew she was quilty of something.Then very quickly LE started bringing forth her interviews,911 call and photos.So,to me it was just a matter of finding Caylee and what Casey had done with or to her.

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    No disrespect to Nedthan Johns who started this thead but I find no reason we should be discussing another case which has it's own Forum.

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