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    Mexico - Mexican cartels, Recruited at age 13 to kill!


    It not only looks like the Mexican drug cartels are here, it also appears they are home-grown. Two kids recruited, one at age 13, to be hired killers? What did their parents think?

    I know there have been several posts and discussions about young killers; should the death penalty apply here?

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    I support the death penalty.

    However, I do not support the death penalty for those that are minors when they commit their crime(s). I do not support the death penalty for those that commit their crime(s) while having psychotic breaks/schizophrenic episode.

    As for these young men, my heart is heavy that at the age of 13 they have murdered. I only forsee a life in prison for these young men. But my heart is heavier for those they killed and the families of those victims.

    So after explaining my stance, no I don't think these boys should face the DP. But that is just MHO and not an opinion that I'm open to reconsider at this point in time.
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