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    OK - Paul Duran, 23, killed in cell by man he testified against, 11 March 2009


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    McALESTER, Okla. A 23-year-old inmate beaten to death at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary had been put in a cell with convicted killer he had testified against.

    Prison spokesman Jerry Massie says Paul Duran Jr. fought with one cellmate and then was put in a cell with Jessie James Dalton.

    Duran was found beaten to death about 15 minutes later.

    Massie says the two were not supposed to be put in the same cell and prison officials are trying to determine how it happened.

    Duran and Dalton were co-defendants in the January 2002 shooting death of Billy Wayne Ray in Oklahoma City.

    Duran pleaded guilty to a robbery charge and testified against Dalton who was convicted of murder and sentenced to life without parole.

    Massie says investigators will present their findings to a district attorney who will decide if criminal charges will be filed.
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    Whoa.... there's somebody got a whole lot of explaining to do!!! imo there's no way this was an accident, staff would have been very aware of the history between these 2 men.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oceanblueeyes View Post

    Massie says the two were not supposed to be put in the same cell and prison officials are trying to determine how it happened.



    This was done on purpose

    I hope that the person who organised this ends up in the same cell

    How many people will now CLAM UP with testimonies because of this ?

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    Not that guards were probably particularly interested or listening, but surely Duran protested as he was being thrown into the cell, unless he thought he could overpower the murderer.

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    HEre are some more articles

    apparent he was having a fight with his cellmate so then the guard transferred him into the other cell with Jesse James Dalton



    Geeze he looks like a kid


    Home News News - Local News - Crime
    Oklahoma State Penitentiary inmate’s death dashes hopes for lawyer, kin
    Published: March 14, 2009

    Attorney Bill Smith worked out a plea agreement six years ago so Paul Duran Jr. would be young enough to enjoy life after he got out of prison.

    Smith said he’s sad and disappointed Duran will never have that chance.

    Duran, 23, was beaten and found dead Wednesday night just 15 minutes after being put in a cell at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary with a man he testified against, a state prisons spokesman said.

    Duran was in an altercation with Jessie James Dalton, 32, authorities said.

    Dalton was serving a life sentence for the March 2002 shooting death of Billy Ray Wayne, 19. Dalton, then 25, Duran and Warren Alan Plank, 16, carried guns as they broke into Wayne’s Oklahoma City home and demanded money from the family.

    Duran testified against Dalton in exchange for a lesser charge and a 28-year prison term, Smith said.

    "He was a scared 16-year-old kid who was hanging out with the wrong guy,” Smith said.

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    This will no doubt get swept under the rug once the publicity dies down. It will be looked at as a terrible mistake and that will be that.

    This young man must have protested as they put him in that cell with the guy he testified against. He was probably just ignored as the guards were ticked off at him. I'll bet prisoners will hesitate before they agree to a plea deal from now on. Heck, what can they do to the killer anyway? I think he is in for the rest of his life so he had nothing to lose.

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    Couldn't find any MSM, but Oklahoma DOC says Dalton is serving life for a 2011 first degree murder conviction out of Pittsburg County. He was already serving LWOP, though, so it's kind of a wash. No word on what happened to whoever put them in a cell together.


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