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    Legally blind Mo. man saves woman from attacker


    FENTON, Mo. (AP) -- A legally blind man was credited with saving a woman after authorities said a 45-year-old man broke into her apartment on Saturday night. Authorities said the man, a convicted rapist, was waiting for the woman to return home from work.

    A neighbor who asked to be identified only as Jerry heard noises coming from the apartment. Jerry is blind in his left eye and has about 25 percent vision in his right eye.

    Jerry told KTVI-TV that he went to the apartment and kicked open the door, surprising the would-be attacker, who locked the door. The woman came home and confirmed she didn't know the man in her apartment, and police took the suspect away.

    The man was charged with burglary. The investigation is continuing.

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    Good for Jerry. Such a good neighbor.

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    You know how they say that people who lose one of their senses may develop more ability in their other senses? Well, Jerry must have developed a sixth sense. I mean, if I heard noises in a neighbor's apartment when I knew they were away at work, I don't know that I would automatically suspect someone had broken in.

    Good for Jerry, and what a lucky this woman was to have him as her neighbor.

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