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    MS - Robbie Mullins, 20, Tupelo, 23 Dec 1988

    I was visiting my grandfather over the weekend and during a visit to my grandmother's gravesite, I discovered the headstone for someone I went to grade school with and who I really thought a lot of. His name was Robbie Mullins and evidently he was ran over by a hit and run driver in December 1988. His DOB was 1968. I of course asked my family what happened and they have no real information except no one was ever found - I know he was an only child and his mother had to be devastated. Is there any way to find out any other information at this late date?

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    I would start with a trip to the local library and see if they have the newspaper archived on microfiche or a card catalog-style file of fatal car accidents. Check from the date of the accident (possible coverage that day if the paper published an afternoon edition) onward.

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    It will likely be a few months before I return to Mississippi - I live in Indiana. I noticed that he died on 12/23/1988. That had to be hard to lose someone so close to Christmas. I will definitely see what I can find out. I have a huge cousin base so I may be able to ask one of them to research for me.

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