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    TX - Walter "Bo" Brawner, 67, Piney Woods, 10 June 2008


    I didn't find anything on this missing man here, if I missed it, Mods please delete.

    It doesn't sound good for him and a neighbor is a suspect.

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    This is a sad one! And the family is right; I doubt he will ever be a priority among the missing.

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    Hermit's disappearance baffles officials


    Copyright 2009 Houston Chronicle
    March 21, 2009, 9:46PM

    The two men lived like hermits in a junk-cluttered slice of the Piney Woods.

    One was described by relatives as a feeble curmudgeon who didn’t have friends or even a dog. The other was nearly half his age, twice his size, and may have been the last person to see him alive.

    Nine months after 67-year-old Walter “Bo” Brawner went missing, Steven Ray Fester, 38, is charged with stealing Brawner’s handgun and forging his personal checks. San Jacinto County prosecutors consider him a “person of interest” in the disappearance.

    He pleaded not guilty to the theft charges last week.

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    Fester indicted five times


    Updated: 01.15.09

    Steven Ray Fester was indicted by a San Jacinto County Grand Jury. Fester, 38, has been charged with four counts of Forgery and one count of Theft of a Firearm.

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    ran across this news from last month about Walter

    Search continues for missing Shepherd man

    Posted: Thursday, January 20, 2011 4:33 pm
    By STEPHEN THOMAS | 0 comments

    The search continues for Walter David “Bo” Brawner, a missing Shepherd man last seen on June 10, 2008, and who otherwise may have celebrated his 70th birthday with his family on Wednesday, Jan. 26.

    At the family’s request, law enforcement personnel from numerous agencies and The Woodlands-based volunteer K-9 unit formed a team on Wednesday, Jan. 19, and carried out a full court press to comb a location that the family feared would be the site of Brawner’s remains. The search took place in and around a 400-by-150 foot pond, parts of which as deep as 15 feet, on private property off the beaten path, east of U.S. 59 near Ragsdale Springs Road in Shepherd. The water temperature was 50 degrees.

    more here

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    Where is Rachel Cooke? Missing since 10-Jan-2002
    Rachel's thread - WS

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