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    MO - Mary Burchell, 24, & Tayler Andrews, 8 mos, murdered, Ava, 16 March 2009

    A Douglas County man has been charged with the sword slashing deaths of his wife and 9 month-old-baby boy.

    Family members say that they were so concerned about Dan Allen Andrews (l.) mental health, and what he might do to his family, that they took him to a West Plains hospital a month ago because they feared he might kill someone.

    On Monday (03-16-09), he allegedly did.

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    Several people really dropped the ball! Poor baby, why was the mother still there with him?


    The stay was only temporary. Last month, relatives checked him into a West Plains hospital for evaluation after finding Taylor nearly dead from hypothermia after being left in his father's care.

    On Feb. 21, the child was found wearing only a diaper in bitterly cold temperatures, Starlin Andrews said.

    "I knew if my son did not get the medical attention he needed, something bad would happen and he might kill people," he said.

    The family reportedly took him to the hospital Feb. 22. To their dismay, Dan Andrews was released four days later, his father said. Starlin Andrews said the hospital did not explain why.

    Hospitals, law enforcement officers and private citizens can request a person be held against their will for up to 96 hours if that person appears to be a threat to themselves or others.

    But longer-term commitments must be requested by a mental health professional and approved by a judge
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    This man must have been looked at by a psy while he was in the hospital. Couldn't they tell how mentally sick he was? Why didn't they get an order from a judge after watching this man's behavior and hearing what his parents had to say! Didn't he have medical or what is the reasoning behind them letting him go after four days? The hospital could have had him evaluated if they had wanted to. Now a pregnant woman and a little baby boy are dead and this man is just a mentally ill as he was when he went to the hospital. I wonder if he was even given any meds?

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    My cousin married a shy, quiet man. He was involved in a serious car accident about four years after they were married. He suffered head injuries. After the accident he was a different person, abusive, and used to hit my cousin while she was pregnant. After her daughter was born she finally left him. I wish this young lady had done the same. It sounds like the family of her husband knew what was happening and might have given her some support if she had left.

    It's so sad. Poor mom and babies.

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    Unfortunately, when someone is sick like this, there's not much you can do. We have a neighbor like this and believe me, local LE knows all about her. Although we have a restraining order, it doesn't stop her from harrassing us whenever she goes off her meds. The local psych hospital knows her by name.

    Obviously, when he was admitted to the hospital and released, he was on medication. When these people stop taking their meds, they're not responsible for what they do and they are soooo unpredictable, which is why they're so scary.

    I just wish the wife had realized her and her children's lives were at stake.

    This is sooo sad. This didn't have to come to this.

    Prayers to the family and the victims.


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    The child certainly could have been removed by Child Protective Services. I mean, afteral, that is what they are for. Clearly the baby was in danger.
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    Andrews declared incompetent to stand trial.

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    Don't confront me with my failures.....I had not forgotten them.

    Jackson Browne

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    There's a book called Crazy that details America's criminal justice system in regards to the mentally ill. It's very interesting. It talks about how families are unable to force violent mentally ill family members into psychiatric care unless a violent offense had been committed. It also talks about competency to stand trial, and that by the time they are made competent, they spend another 3 months waiting for trial and they are no longer competent - a vicious cycle where they spend a ridiculous amount (years) for minor crimes (not that this is a minor crime at all)

    This poor family has been let down so much. It's awful that they almost predicted this.

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