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    COPYRIGHT & TOS information here

    TOS Excerp:

    5. Copyright infringement is a serious matter. Please post only a brief passage from any published document and link to the original. Do not copy
    and paste entire posts from other forums without express permission of the author. If you have questions about copyright infringement, please refer to information about the Fair Use Doctrine.
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    Copyright Violations

    Dear Websleuths Members,

    Please remember it is against TOS to post a full article from somewhere else on Websleuths.

    Meaning, if you want to discuss something from a newspaper or another blogger, then you must post the link BACK to the information and not copy the full article here.

    Not only is this against TOS but it is disrespectful of others.

    You can post a paragraph or so from the article but then you must link back to the original article for the rest of the information.

    Thank you,
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