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    FL - Judge Saves Woman From a Beating


    FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) ― Some quick action by a Broward County judge was caught on courtroom surveillance video when a domestic violence suspect tried to attack a woman in court...

    ...Judge Richards hit the court panic button and then went flying around his bench, his judicial robe flying like the caped crusader, to separate Word from Reasee.
    Video at link to the right hand of article. In the middle of the mayhem and bedlam that ensued after the defendent J. Raesee decided to attack his domestic partner Ms. Word, you see the Judge fly over the bench like batman!

    Kudos to Judge Richards!
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    Bless his heart. Most would just sit back and wait until the baliffs arrived. Caped crusader lol too cute.

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    Wow! Gives new meaning to "Here Come Da' Judge"!
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    I like Ms. Word. Sounds like she's a smart lady. Maybe she should talk with Rhianna.

    I wish the video had been clearer. I loved watching the judge jump from his seat and scale the edge of the bench. God bless him.

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