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    DC - Stalker Arrested At ABC Dancing With The Stars Studio

    I know there's a thread for DWTS in the Jury Room but felt this belonged in the crimes, glad he was caught before he got ahold of his victim, poor girl I hope she's ok.


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    Unless this guy is put in prison or in some mental ward for a long time this girl's situation hasn't changed. These guys don't pay any attention to a Restraining Order. They are a joke. Sounds like she needs some big big body guards to watch over her when he gets out of jail...which he will with a tap on the wrist. I hope her and her family are aware that bullets go right through a restraining order.

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    Ummm...he drove from FL all the way to CA with two loaded weapons and tape to be with her, he believes they are meant to have a child together. Yeah, a restraining order should stop him
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