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    GA - Previously unpublished photos of the MLK assassination

    ***Warning-Graphic Photos***

    Life magazine has the photos on their website as well as some posted recollections of the photographer who had been sent by Life to cover Dr. King's speech that day. The access, you will see, is unprecedented. There are photos of the owners of the hotel cleaning the balcony which are disturbing however.

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    I don't know if I can look.

    I wonder why they are being published now.
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    I don't feel as though the graphic photos should have been published. I think it will be painful to the family.


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    He was such a strong powerful man. So sad he was taken away from the world before his time. FWIW, I only saw one graphic photo which does have a warning prior to viewing it. Most are just of people in an understandably somber mood.

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    I am glad they are being published. I think looking at them reminds us of what happened, and why and hopefully can make people aware of why this was wrong - for those that do not see it that way. Obviously, we have improved in some aspects (regarding race issues) but on the other hand we haven't. I have read somewhere that the hate talk is at an unprecedented high since November and that shows the needs our nation still has.

    On a personal note, I visited the Lorraine Motel in the late 80's, prior to it being redone as the Civil Rights Museum. At the time, a sole woman protester was there. We chatted with her - she didn't want it made into a "Disneyfied" type place. She wanted it to be fixed only insofar as it kept the place as it was, and I suppose I see here point - but, it was a very moving place nonetheless. The comments the photographer made about the neighborhood (on the Life site) right after the assassination were kind of the way it felt when I was there.

    All kinds of hugs!


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    Wow, the photos were very emotional and raw to me. You could feel the sadness and despair in the photograph of the men inside Mr. King's room. Truly heartbreaking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dellemma View Post
    Wow, the photos were very emotional and raw to me. You could feel the sadness and despair in the photograph of the men inside Mr. King's room. Truly heartbreaking.

    I felt the way you did. The photographer did a good job of conveying the deep despair of that night.
    And something about seeing the open briefcase and the things he was expecting to be using soon and then he was suddenly gone was very sad too.

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    a few more pieces of history........very sad.........
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