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    CA - One killed, 3 hurt in attack at Temecula Catholic retreat, 7 April 2009

    Our daily dose of mass shootings. When will it stop? God bless the victims and their families.


    A gunman opened fire at a remote Korean Christian retreat center Tuesday night, leaving one person dead and at least three people injured, authorities said.
    Authorities were first called to the rural area about 7 p.m. after receiving reports about a man shooting his wife, California Highway Patrol spokesman Mario Lopez said.
    But investigators were still trying to learn the circumstances of the shootings, and were hindered by a language barrier in trying to sort out the facts, Riverside County Sheriff's spokesman Dennis Gutierrez said.
    "We have some nuns that are very distraught," he said.
    NBC News reported that the suspected (more at link)

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    From March 2011:


    A handyman convicted in a 2009 shooting rampage that left one dead and three injured at a Temecula church camp was sentenced Friday to 96 years to life in prison...

    John Suchan Chong, 71, opened fire at the Kkottongnae Korean Retreat Camp off Highway 79 in April 2009, later telling authorities the victims had not shown him or the Catholic nuns at the camp proper respect...

    During the rampage, Chong walked 300 yards from his small house to a tidy bungalow belonging to Chuneui and Jong Pil Yun. Once there he shot Chuneui, 58, in the head, killing her instantly...

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